Mix these ingredients, when you see the results you will want to tell everyone the secret

If you mix these ingredients you will get these results. Here is the secret of this success.

With a few simple ingredients mixed together, you can have a compound that is very useful as  a natural remedy to use at home. Why? Often people prefer to use natural methods, as valid solutions to use at home due to various household problems. One of them is definitely the one pictured below.

A homemade method that will surprise you

When it comes to cleaning your home, there are so many questions and doubts that can arise. In short, we would like to have truly top disinfected products and perhaps without spending who knows how much.

Well all this is really possible, thanks to the use of a few ingredients that can be found very easily  .

What we will talk about shortly is a completely natural method that will leave you excited about the results you get. But first, you need to equip yourself with a few ingredients, which are  generally already found in your homes.

The first ingredient to prepare is  bay leaves.


These you will have to arrange to insert into a small bottle containing  white vinegar.

But the list of ingredients does not stop at these two, because it will also be necessary to add more for its composition. With the use of these products you can create with your own hands a fantastic liquid repellent that you can use at home against the annoying presence of  certain insects.

Now let’s see what to do to make this completely natural compound that will surely become your great ally, when it comes to  eliminating annoying insects from your home.

How to prepare a natural repellent at home

As mentioned previously, it is really possible to create a product that you will certainly not be able to do without and which will be useful to you precisely for cleaning your home, for a  specific need.

If you want to make your own all-natural repellent, which you can use at home safely and calmly and with surprising results, then follow all the steps explained below. You can create it yourself and then be able to use it as many times as you want.

We are talking about a remedy based on  white vinegar and bay leaves  , as was initially said. Very effective in finally getting rid of the inconvenience caused by the presence of unpleasant insects in your kitchens and beyond.

Here’s how to go through the different stages of preparation. You will first need to put a handful of bay leaves in a saucepan and then add a  cinnamon stick.

Once done, continue by pouring  a cup of white vinegar into the pan.


Then add a cup of water.

After performing these steps, put the pan on the heat and boil the contents for 5 minutes.

Then the compound must first be filtered and only after carrying out this operation can the liquid compound be poured into a bottle equipped with a spray bottle.

The one that has just been prepared using this natural method represents the best natural repellent, as far as  the solution to the problem of insects at home is concerned. You may never have guessed it, but this is all really possible. Why?

What is this homemade method for?

All this is possible because the presence of certain ingredients in this natural repellent, such as cinnamon and bay leaves but also vinegar, are formidable and very powerful  against insects.


These are therefore ingredients chosen precisely because, combined together, they can become a very effective method to completely eliminate the problem related to insects in the house. Then you can spray on annoying flies and cockroaches.

Among other things, this repellent is very effective even in summer, when you are bitten  by mosquitoes.

Thanks to this natural composition, you have the possibility of using it also against mosquitoes: here we can use it in this specific case too. It is worth saying that this is a  versatile natural repellent.

Disinfecting the house: another natural method

An additional tip for disinfecting the house is to add lemon zest  to white vinegar.

Lemon peels

To prepare this disinfectant you will need the zest of two lemons placed in a glass container with a lid. Simply add a cup of white vinegar then close it and store it for a few weeks. Then, you will need to pour the remaining liquid into a spray bottle, with the addition of a cup of water. Your all-natural disinfectant is ready to use in the  rooms of your home.

In short, as we can see from what has just been said, we can take care of ours by referring to  completely natural ingredients  and which can become perfect allies for disinfecting or even simply for keeping away insects and cockroaches. .

Especially in times when it’s really necessary. Therefore, there is no need to buy  very expensive products,  we already have everything on hand and above all already in our homes.

The secret lies in knowing how to mix it all together and in the way it was said. The results will be so surprising that you won’t be able to help but reveal your secret to your loved ones. And you too  will not waste time using it whenever you need it.