The shoemakers’ trick, because every evening they put 1 paper newspaper in the shoes

Shoes can often require some maintenance. Below we will explain a trick used by shoemakers. This will amaze you.

Paper in shoes is a simple but effective remedy for protecting your favorite shoes.

Shoes – the shoemaker’s tip

We spotted some nice shoes, they’re on sale. We go into the store, we’re going to try them on but unfortunately, they don’t fit us perfectly. Despite this, we decide to buy them anyway. There is a little  remedy to get them back into shape  and keep them looking perfect.

This is the trick of paper which, in reality, also serves to keep our shoes always in shape, especially those made of real leather, which, being flexible by nature, could cause their shape to change.

You don’t need who knows what paper, you can simply reuse that of old newspapers or advertising leaflets that are often found abandoned around the house. Let’s see how to put into practice the method  also used by shoemakers.

 How to adopt this method

The paper, placed inside the shoes every evening, will prevent them from becoming deformed or, if you put more paper than necessary, from coming off a little by spreading where the shoe may hurt.

In addition, paper has another function which is to  absorb moisture  . For this reason, in the shoe rack, every time we take off our shoes, we must place paper wads there, which will not only leave the shoes in shape but will also absorb their moisture, preventing the appearance of an odor .

The paper should be put in the shoes even if the  shoes have been  wet a lot. Imagine an unexpected rainy day and your favorite sneakers, unfit to get wet, to get soaked. Luckily, if you put the paper inside, you can collect them and let them dry overnight.

You must therefore ball up the paper and put it in through the collar of your shoes. The shoes will stay taut naturally. In order to join larger pieces of paper together, you can help yourself with masking tape. The ball, to keep the shoes in shape, must be stretched and  trace the shape of the fit  . The shoes will have to stay like this until we wear them next time. Crumpled papers will need to be replaced at least once a month, especially if we wear the shoes in question quite frequently.


Cardboard can serve the same purpose. In fact, this will allow the shoes to keep their shape even more. The  cardboard will need to be curved  to follow the shape. The top of the cardboard should be facing up. For lower shoes, the amount of paper or cardboard required will be less. Once you try this method, you will never leave it.