Mix this amount of salt with the detergent and apply it three times. The result is amazing

Mix this amount of salt with the detergent and apply it three times. The result is amazing

Creative use of everyday household items can often produce surprising results, especially when it comes to cleaning. One such trick is to mix a certain amount of salt with your regular laundry detergent. When used correctly, this simple trick can significantly increase the cleaning power of your detergent and provide additional benefits. That’s how it’s done:


½ cup table salt
Your regular laundry detergent

Prepare the mixture:
In a small bowl, mix 1/2 cup of table salt with an appropriate amount of laundry detergent. Stir until evenly mixed.
Use on laundry:
Use this mixture in your washing machine as you normally would with just detergent.
For best results, use warm water – this will help the salt dissolve better.
Repeat three times:
Use this method for three consecutive wash cycles.
Why this works:

  1. Improved cleaning power:

Salt acts as a gentle abrasive that helps remove dirt and grime from fabrics.
It can help remove stains that would otherwise be difficult to remove.

  1. Color preservation:

Salt is known for its ability to fix dyes in fabrics, which can prevent colors from fading.
This is especially beneficial for new clothing or bright colors that are prone to bleeding.

  1. Softening substances:

Salt can soften hard water, which in turn causes textiles to become softer after washing.
It can be an effective alternative to commercial fabric softeners.

  1. Anti-odor properties:

Salt can neutralize odors and make your laundry smell fresher.

  1. Cost-effective and safe:

Salt is a natural and inexpensive addition to your laundry routine.
Unlike some chemical cleaners and additives, salt is gentle and causes less irritation.

After using this method for three washes, you should notice the following:

Cleaner and fresher smelling clothes.
Brighter colors and less fading.
Softer fabrics.

Test First: If you are concerned about how salt might react to certain substances, do a patch test first.
Avoid Overuse: While salt is generally safe for most fabrics, overuse can cause wear and tear over time. It’s best used occasionally for a cleansing boost.

Mixing salt with your laundry detergent is a simple but effective way to improve your laundry routine. This method offers a natural and cost-effective solution to common laundry problems such as dull colors, lingering odors and hard water. Remember that sometimes the most effective cleaning solutions are already in your stash and a little experimentation can produce great results. As always, consider the type of material you are dealing with and adjust your methods accordingly.