Mold and limescale in the shower cabin, 3 kitchen ingredients will eliminate it all

Lime in the shower cabin

With the help of just three ingredients you can say goodbye to the lime and mold that covers your shower cabin. They are ingredients that we all have at home.

The presence of lime and mold in the shower cabin is a very annoying problem. Limescale seems to be a constant: if it seems that we have eliminated it after a deep cleaning session, the next day we will find it there again. Although this presence is so unsightly and annoying, we do not have to worry or wonder if there is something wrong with our bathroom. Lime and mold are elements that appear in very humid environments and in continuous contact with water. The shower is precisely one of those environments conducive to its appearance.

We spend a lot of time looking for solutions or products that promise miracles ; We spend a lot of money looking for the perfect product. Wasted money, useless remedies and environmental damage: this is the result if we rely on commercial products. You will be surprised to discover that the real solution is very simple and you have always had it on hand: you will only need two products that we all have at home. Use them this way and you will see the change.

Eliminates mold and limescale with three natural ingredients

The shower cabin is made up of several elements to take into account when carrying out a deep cleaning. We must not forget the shower sprayer, the glass in the drawer, the joints between the tiles, the tiles. Cleaning these items has a common denominator: three natural products that we all have in our pantry. It involves lemon, white wine vinegar and baking soda. Sometimes the solution is simpler than you think! Let’s see how to use them to obtain optimal results.


shower heads

The shower head is one of the elements most prone to lime formation. Very encrustations are often created that are difficult to remove. What you need to do to make it look new and shiny again is to use white wine vinegar, but you will need to separate the shower head from the hose . After removing it you can proceed with cleaning.

Fill a container with water and a glass of white wine vinegar, let the shower head soak for three hours. After three hours the scales soften and you have to intervene with a toothbrush. Rub well and everything will come out as if by magic, it will be like new.

Inlays of lime

The glass in the box.

The glass of the shower cabin usually has unsightly lime marks. Perfectly clean glass makes the entire environment appear more organized and cared for. How can we eliminate these rogue formations? With lemon.

Cut a lemon into two parts and use one of the two halves in this way: rub it over the glass with circular movements and without leaving any ends. Do this both internally and externally. Then wipe the area where you rubbed the lemon with a dry cloth: the glass will be completely free of stains and streaks.

If you have a plastic furniture there is another method: get a spray bottle and fill it with half a glass of water and half a glass of wine vinegar white. Spray the mixture on the plastic walls and spread it with a dry cloth.


It can happen that the shower cubicle tiles and grout become dirty: residue from shampoo, conditioner, various products and mold can become embedded and create stains. There is no need to worry, in this case a product that helps us when cleaning the house will also be useful, such as sodium bicarbonate.

Get an old toothbrush, moisten it with water and dip the head in the baking soda grains. The head must be well covered. Then rub the toothbrush gently over the tiles, concentrating on the most stained areas such as grouting. Rinse everything with water and enjoy the cleanliness that returns to your shower cabin. There is an alternative method that involves creating a mixture of water, wine vinegar and dish detergent.

Each of the following methods is effective and recommended, it is up to you to choose which one best suits your needs.