Red wine stains on clothes, remove them with this natural method

Red wine stains on clothes.

Did you get red wine on your clothes while you were eating? Don’t worry, it’s not irreparable, anyone can drink red wine and end up with stains that seem difficult to remove. Here we show you how you can remove them using a simple, grandma’s method, and with just one pass!

Red wine is a very popular and essential drink when accompanying certain dishes, but sometimes a little distraction is enough to find it on your clothes< a i=2> and voila, the damage is done!

Dangerous for clothes, but also for tablecloths, it also happens to spill on the table , accidentally. Even in this case we often panic and at first glance it seems that clothes stained with red wine are irrecoverable.

But this is not the case at all, it is enough to use specific methods , such as the remedies of Grandma, to solve even the most complex problems. Once upon a time our grandmothers did not have many products to turn to to save their bedding and clothes from red wine stains, so they turned to natural ones to remove them and the clothes immediately returned to their splendor.

What are these remedies? Here we leave you one in particular, which is a toothpaste, absolutely effective, but there are others that you can easily use against red wine stains and obtain surprising results!


Dish soap and toothpaste

An easy-to-make grandmother’s remedy that requires few ingredients to remove red wine stains is dish soap and toothpaste,< a i=2> to use ondry clothes . This is how you should do it:

  • Put some dish soap on the red wine stain.
  • Squeeze some toothpaste on it.
  • Also add a little lemon juice.

Continue using an old toothbrush to spread the ingredients you spilled on the red wine stain. Spread it well for a few minutes, then prepare a small container where you will pour a little white wine vinegar and a little lye.

If they are white garments, use the normal one, but if they are colored garments, use delicate bleach, which does not discolor the colors. Immerse the garment in the solution and let it act for 20 minutes.

Once the time has passed, take the garment out of the sink and check the stain . If there is any residue left, go back to your toothbrush and scrub, it should go away immediately. Now you can wash the garment with detergent and hang it away from the sun, it will be like new.

However, do not use this method on silk or other very delicate fabrics and prefer some other remedy to remove red wine stains. Also, I don’t use whitening toothpastes, but I do use a regular type.

Red wine stains on fabrics.

White wine and baking soda.

It seems strange, but white wine mixed with baking soda is an excellent ally for removing red wine stains from your clothes. To carry out the procedure, this is how you should do it:

wine stains
  • Pour white wine over the red wine stain.
  • Cover everything with baking soda.
  • Let it sit for a few hours.

Once the time has passed, remove the excess baking soda and wash your garment in the washing machine as normal. The red wine stain will be no more! Also in this case you must be careful to use grandmother’s remedy on fabrics that are not too delicate .

Coarse salt is a valid ally

Coarse salt is also able to absorb wine stains , even red wine. Simply distribute a large handful on the freshly made stain and let it sit for half an hour .

Then you can proceed with washing and the fabric should be like new. Salt is a natural element and this grandmother’s remedy was used a lot in the past, but even today it proves to be valid in all aspects due to the results it guarantees.