Everyone in the house has   hydrogen peroxide!

A perfect ingredient for many reasons and one that should never be missing, but   are we sure we are getting the most out of it?

Not everyone knows, in fact, that this item is perfect for performing certain household tasks and getting rid of difficult stains.

On this topic, today I will tell you the   thousand uses of hydrogen peroxide in the shower that you absolutely should know!

NB   The hydrogen peroxide I’m talking about is 10 volumes, or 3%. It is also essential to remember that the product cannot go on marble or natural stone.

Say goodbye to mold

The first thing you can do with hydrogen peroxide is say   goodbye to mold!

Indeed, if we wanted to establish a classification of products that help eliminate it in a short time and effectively, hydrogen peroxide would be in first position.

You can use it   by wetting the egg with the product   and   lightly tapping the affected areas   until you see that the stain has faded.

A   popular tip   for removing mold is to moisten cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide and place them along the rails and corners of the shower, leaving them there for several hours.

This way the product will act on the mold and then just rub a toothbrush on the dirt to remove it permanently!

against limestone

Another great function of hydrogen peroxide is   against limescale!

In the shower it accumulates excessively, it has only been neglected for a few days and here we see it sprouting everywhere.

To fix this, simply create a   thick paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide   until you get the consistency of a gel.

Spread the mixture on the sponge   and rub on the affected areas (sprinkler, single-lever faucet, fountain, etc.), then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

The shower will be like new!

To whiten the joints

Shower grout   often accumulates this very annoying blackness due to the settling of dust and water.

If this has happened to you too, don’t worry! Hydrogen peroxide   will allow you to have like-new seals in no time!

First you will need to   sprinkle baking soda on the areas to be treated   , then   add hydrogen peroxide   according to the path traced with the baking soda and you will notice a   “sparkling” reaction.

It will then be necessary   to let it sit for a certain time   , then equip yourself with a toothbrush and scrub the joints, being very careful not to scratch or stain the tiles.

Rinse with hot water and dry… that’s it, like new!

For stubborn dirt

Let’s finish the advice with hydrogen peroxide in the shower, seeing its effectiveness   for stubborn dirt.

Often, residue from body care products gets trapped in the most disparate corners, forming a real mess.

Therefore, it is good to put   a few drops of hydrogen peroxide directly on the sponge   and degrease the affected areas.

Then just rinse and you won’t have the stain problem anymore!


Test hydrogen peroxide on non-visible corners first before using it on the items described above.

Also remember that it cannot go on mamo or natural stone.