Why should you put 2 bay leaves under your pillow before going to bed?

There is one habit that at least all people who normally have trouble sleeping should adopt: putting bay leaf on the pillow.  Within our homes, perhaps especially those of us who live in large cities, characterized by the scarcity of green spaces, we tend to use  plants   and   flowers   as furniture.

On the other hand, for those who wish, there is really a shame of choice, since there are several examples easily adaptable to a domestic environment.

Plants as furniture.

Of course, however, one cannot think of buying a small shrub, placing it anywhere in a room and expecting not to give it   proper care   .

bay leaf pillow
 In fact, if this mistake were made, we would soon have to say goodbye to our green purchase. Therefore, before bringing a   plant   home, you should learn how to manage it better, know its main characteristics and proceed accordingly.

However, if you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you can seek advice from an expert, such as a   nurseryman   or   gardener   . Therefore, it goes without saying that it is important to be informed and do things according to the rules of the art so that this type of furniture also lasts.

Indeed, it is something alive, and that is why it needs appropriate attention. If you really don’t want to commit, truth be told, there are also   fake plants  on the market, although, let’s face it, they can be pretty boring.

But anyway, in addition to making an apartment more beautiful and cozy, plants   ,   in general, can even bring us   interesting benefits   . In fact, to name a few, they are capable of oxygenating   or   humidifying   the air   and, in certain circumstances, even   promoting relaxation   .

The benefits of bay leaf on the pillow.

So let’s take the case of the   laurel tree   . Belonging to the   Lauraceae family   , it is of Mediterranean origin, is persistent and aromatic.

bay leaves
 Thus,  Laurus nobilis   , such is its scientific name, is often and willingly used for the   preparation of herbal teas   precisely because of some of its significant potentialities.

In fact, it is known that   bay leaves   can relieve certain   stomach ailments   and even help the   immune system   against, among other things, seasonal influences.

However, another interesting benefit that comes from bay leaves is perhaps less   known   . Therefore, in the following lines we advise you to carry out a practice that will especially help those who are at risk of spending sleepless nights   or   not being able to rest frequently enough.

Well, the procedure is very simple and accessible to everyone, since all you have to do is arm yourself with just   a few bay leaves   and place them   under your pillow   .

So if you are also one of those people who perhaps due to thoughts or concerns cannot sleep well, this is the right solution for you.

Indeed, since you will have   two simple bay leaves under your pillow   , you will begin to notice that your sleep will be much more   serene   and   continuous   . Finally, you will be able to wake up the next morning with new and renewed energy thanks to a quality rest. What to say? It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.