Never put these vegetables in the freezer: few people know this

Never put these vegetables in the freezer: few people know this

If you buy vegetables at the market and take them home, you need to be very careful about storing them. Vegetables  are different from each other, so not all of them store in the same way. For example, some should be placed in the refrigerator immediately, while others should be kept at room temperature. There are also some vegetables that can be frozen and others that are best avoided. To learn more, follow our advice and find out  how to properly store your vegetables.

Never put these vegetables in the freezer: few people know this

How do you store vegetables?

Each vegetable has its own characteristics, so preservation methods are different. As we mentioned,  some can be refrigerated or frozen while others cannot . If you decide to store vegetables at room temperature, you should know that the temperature should definitely not  be too hot or too humid . Storage depends on the type of vegetables you buy. For example, if you buy fresh vegetables that are highly perishable, we recommend that you put them in the refrigerator immediately and  consume them in a short time. Store them in the appropriate drawers of the refrigerator so as not to alter their properties.

If you buy fresh vegetables that you don’t want to eat right away, you can freeze them . The low temperatures of the freezer help stop the spoilage process and keep the vegetables unchanged for longer. In this case, however, you have to be careful because not all vegetables can be frozen.

Here are the vegetables you can freeze

If you buy a lot of vegetables or perhaps pick them from your garden, you can simply freeze them to make them last longer. For optimal freezing, you should  cut all your  greens and veggies into small pieces, divide them into portions, and place them in the freezer. Dividing vegetables into portions is a very convenient and practical process that will serve you well, especially when defrosting. As I said,  not every vegetable can be frozen.  Examples that you should never put in the freezer include  lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, and radishes.

These products, which are very rich in water, are absolutely not worth freezing. By putting these foods in the freezer  you risk altering their organoleptic properties . For example, if you try to freeze the lettuce, you will find that once it is thawed, it completely loses its original texture.

In any case, we recommend storing your vegetables in the refrigerator in a cool place, especially if you have to be away from home for a few days.