No more mold in the bathroom: after taking a shower you must immediately do these things


Mold is a common problem in the bathroom , especially in winter when humidity reaches higher levels. It risks having negative consequences on health, so it is essential to take measures to prevent its formation. It remains to be understood what solutions should be put into practice. Because often the ideas that are recommended leave something to be desired. Instead of constantly experimenting, try applying the methods we are going to show you now and you will find fantastic benefits.

Goodbye to mold in the bathroom: ecological and effective remedies

The first method consists, quite simply, of turning on a fan heater : it helps eliminate humidity from the bathroom air. Turn it on about 30 minutes before your shower, leave it on during and for the next half hour.

Opening windows works too . Fresh, ventilated air helps solve the problem. Do this for at least fifteen minutes after leaving the bathroom.


Drying wet surfaces is equally functional for this purpose. Wipe the tiles, glass, bathroom mat and towels with a dry cloth. Mold loves damp surfaces, so you need to dry them carefully.

The mix made up of hydrogen peroxide and water is, in turn, an excellent natural anti-mould. Pour them in a 1:2 ratio into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on every surface of the shower cubicle. Leave it to act for a few minutes, then use a sponge and rinse with hot water.

Beautiful bathroom

Since condensation risks encouraging the formation of mold, we recommend preventing it . Wet a bar of Marseille soap and rub it on the mirror before treating yourself to a nice relaxing shower. The soap will create a film so that condensation drops do not adhere to the surface.

Finally, consider using a dehumidifier. To save money, create a “do-it-yourself” one: pour some coarse salt into a bowl and place it in the corners of the bathroom: it will absorb the humidity from the air. Remember to replace the salt every two or three days.