No more stains on the walls thanks to this ingenious grandmother’s remedy

What is the final solution that does not entail unforeseen consequences? No more stains on the walls with the super safe and economical product.

What remedial measures can we take to get rid of stains on the walls without leaving any more marks? If an eraser is not enough (it is a very good solution only for small marks and in any case not suitable for all types of stains, editor’s note), what can we do to solve the problem?

Our grandmothers help us in this case too. Who always knows more than the devil when it comes to fixing something? From physical pain to improving recipes in the kitchen to ensuring a better quality of life at home, even stains on the walls have a truly super effective traditional and DIY remedy.

You may find yourself having to deal with splashes of sauce, wine, pen or markers (oh, kids…!) and end up with stains on the walls with no way to fix them. , seemingly. But no. There’s something we can try.

Get rid of stains on walls, how to remove stains easily
An aspect that must be taken into account before applying in this sense is to assess the type of stain present and the type of surface that composes our wall to be cleaned. We then wipe the affected area with a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner. This will remove any dirt that may be present.

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It may be sufficient to dab the stains with a smooth cloth moistened with water and baking soda or alternatively with neutral soap or Marseille soap . The cloth should always be wrung out well beforehand. When the unwanted marks have come off, dry the wall with another clean cloth.

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Another valid alternative could be to rub toothpaste on the stains, then rinse and dry.