Non-kitchen sponge: put it in the washing machine and enjoy the show | Impeccable laundry

Lint in the washing machine

The trick that will save your clothes, you just have to put a kitchen sponge in the washing machine and you will be surprised.

Very often when you have pets at home like dogs you will have to deal with their hair . They are very sweet, yes, but they leave a lot of hair on clothes and blankets and these are really difficult to remove. This is a common problem and especially at certain times of the year.

When you put your clothes in the washing machine to clean them, you always end up with a mess of hair that forms balls. However, these balls can clog the washing machine filter and we may subsequently have problems and be forced to call the plumber.

Many people may brush their clothes before washing them but there is actually a trick that will save you . This is a commonly used household object that is not missing in any Italian home: yellow and green sponges. Instead of using them in the kitchen, try using them in the washing machine this time.

Sponge in the washing machine: remove hair from clothes

What will definitely help is running some tape over your clothes before putting them in the washing machine to remove as much hair as possible . Simply apply a fairly large strip of tape and then slowly remove it. However, it is important not to apply too much pressure as cotton or silk garments could be damaged.

Otherwise, you can use the ready-made version or the lint roller. It is a plastic cylinder on which adhesive strips are mounted that, as they fill with hair, peel off.

But the sponge is one of the various tricks to remove dog and cat hair that gets stuck to clothes directly in the washing machine . The classic green and yellow dishwashing sponge is the easiest way to remove hair from clothes. Simply place it in the drum while washing and the hair will stick to the green part.

Alternative methods to remove hair from clothes.

There are also other methods to remove dog and cat hair from clothes . One of them is the use of vinegar, just pour a glass of white vinegar into the detergent drawer in the fabric softener space before starting the wash.

Only then add the fabric softener. Fabric softener causes the fibers of the clothing to expand and allow the hairs attached to them to fall out.

Otherwise you can also use wet wipes. They are placed in the basket and two are enough during washing. These will trap hair and lint while the washer is running. In the latter case, delicate centrifuges are used to avoid final surprises.

balls to collect hair

Plastic balls can also be used. These are small colorful objects that are easily found on the market and have a round shape of approximately 4 cm. The balls have the ability to attract hair and hold it. Once the washing machine is finished, everyone will be inside.

Another method is polypropylene and it is also excellent for washing pet accessories in the washing machine without breaking them. These are popular bags made of polypropylene in which the things to be washed are placed.

sponge in the washing machine

You can also use another device to remove pet hair from clothes or blankets, the dryer. The hairs will break off and settle in the filter. However, it is important to clean the filter immediately after the drying program.

Prevent pet hair on clothes.

Although it is difficult for animal lovers to prevent their dogs and cats from climbing on armchairs or sofas, you can think about covering these places with sheets. In fact, you know your pet’s habits and that is why in places where it tends to settle it may be better to use towels that can then be washed separately.