Salt in the mop, a tablespoon is enough: the incredible trick of housewives

Sal en el trapeador

Salt in the mop, I’m sure we don’t use it this way, but it will probably become a common habit for everyone from now on. 

Salt is one of the most effective solutions to clean the mop that we use every day to wash the floors.

Salt in the mop, when to use it

Those who want a completely sanitized home clean the floors and furniture daily, but many times they forget to clean the cloths they use to clean . This is a serious mistake since by using dirty cloths to clean, you inadvertently deposit even more dirt on the floor.


To check how true this is, simply use the undisinfected mop after using it the day before and enter the room shortly after. In theory, it should smell fresh and clean . Basically, the room stinks. We can pour hundreds of scented products into the water, the issue does not change.

If you want to avoid, once and for all, the presence of germs and bacteria in your home, it is a good idea to properly disinfect everything, from bucket to cloth, after each use. The mop is very comfortable, practical, easy to use, it allows you to thoroughly clean the entire house in just a few minutes using little water. But it needs, like everything, care.

How to thoroughly clean your mop and kill bacteria

The bucket must be disinfected each time it is used for cleaning. It should never be left with dirty water inside, obviously the water should not be reused. Each time soap and rinse well and then pour a disinfectant .

There are those who use large quantities of bleach , which undoubtedly has a whitening action and eliminates germs and bacteria in ​​the blink of an eye. Who uses baking soda, which removes stains, polishes and degreases. Especially when used together with vinegar, it gives incredible results.


But there is another ingredient that is never missing in the kitchen, which can be useful and give incredible effects. The salt on the mop is almost miraculous . All you have to do is put a tablespoon of salt on the mop and another on the cloth, add a liter of water and that’s it.

It should be left to act for at least an hour. Obviously salt, coarse or fine, can be used to clean and disinfect anything else in the house, such as a smelly garbage container.

Water and salt are the best home remedy for disinfection. Its action is due to the osmotic power that kills bacteria in a few moments. When microorganisms come into contact with the concentrated solution of water and salt, they die from dehydration.

Other effective remedies to clean the bucket and rags.

Salt on the mop is just one of many effective remedies. Another ingredient, always present in the kitchen, is lemon. Fill a container with hot water and pour the juice of two lemons into it. The rags and mop are left to soak in the solution for at least a few hours. Then they are rinsed vigorously . Lemon not only disinfects but also eliminates bad odors .

wash the mop

It is combined with lemon, baking soda and salt, tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties   and also eliminates bad odors. Pour the juice of the lemons and a few drops of tea tree oil into a container filled with warm water. Let everything soak for half an hour and then rinse.