Vinegar on the mattress, grandma’s remedy: it ‘saves’ you during the night


The mattress welcomes us every night of the year, at any time of the year. You think it’s always clean because the sheets are constantly changed, but in reality it’s very dirty.

It is precisely on the mattress where dust and mites settle , which over time can also cause allergies and cause many health problems.

Mattress, the rules to always keep it clean

The mattress needs to be cleaned periodically , although you never know how to do it correctly. As grandmothers teach, first of all you never make your bed when it is still hot, that is, when you have just woken up.


The bed covered with sheets and duvets retains moisture and forms mold and stains. So the first rule to always respect, after getting up, is to ventilate the room for a while, leaving the mattress without sheets or cover, perhaps in the sun, for a few hours. This process serves to eliminate germs and bacteria as much as possible.

The heat of the sun dries all traces of moisture , but it is not enough because at this point we must proceed with the cleaning itself. .

Remedies to clean the mattress, grandmother’s advice

There are several remedies to do this, you can simply suction the vacuum cleaner which sucks up the dust and mites, or mite eggs if any. . Otherwise, for a deeper cleaning, use vinegar.

Vinegar sterilizes the mattress completely. You can spray it on the bed, after preparing a solution composed of vinegar and lemon juice . Then rub it with a cloth and let it sit for an hour. Finally it dries directly in the air.

clean the bed

You cannot miss the beloved baking soda, known and admired by everyone for its whitening and cleansing properties. Baking soda is an enemy of bacteria and germs because it does not allow them to proliferate .

It also absorbs moisture and eliminates all bad odors. You can mix it with vinegar, add 4-5 drops of essential oil with antibacterial properties, then take a cloth and rub it on the mattress.

Alternatively, you can use it alone by sprinkling the mattress with baking soda . Then you take a soft brush and scrub it. Finally, it is left to act for a couple of hours. To remove baking soda, use a vacuum cleaner.

The operation is repeated on both sides of the mattress . This is a dry cleaning process, which can also be useful for sanitizing carpets or fabric sofas and cushions.

How to remove blood and urine stains

But that’s not all, because those with young children will need other tips and remedies to get your grandmother to clean the mattress and leave it as new. For blood stains there are even two solutions, both fantastic.

The first: just prepare a solution with water and two tablespoons of salt. Spray on the stain and leave for half an hour. Once the necessary time has passed, clean it using a soft cloth.

The second: use hydrogen peroxide which serves to lighten the stain. Before proceeding, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide on one corner of the mattress because it could discolor it.

Mattress cleaning

Added to this are other problems: sweat in summer, pee of children or animals throughout the year. In these cases, it is recommended to act immediately, while the stain is still wet or damp. Prepare a solution with water and white vinegar, apply it directly to the stain and let it act. Then take a damp sponge and remove everything, the stains should no longer be there.

If they persist, don’t worry, because the sun solves any problem permanently. In the absence of sun, for example in winter, it is enough to use a hair dryer. If the stains do not disappear, use a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and then wipe with a damp microfiber cloth.

Also in this case, as in the previous one, test first on a small portion of the mattress.

How to remove drink or food stains

Finally, for food or drink stains, prepare a solution with half a glass of vinegar, add 1/3 of lemon juice and a little water. It is poured directly onto the stain and then rubbed with a damp cloth. Finally it dries.

food mattress

Grandma’s solutions are the best, they are not bad for your health and still give enviable results.