Oats: how to eat them to lower cholesterol and sugar, and lose 4 kilos a week

You surely know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In addition to giving energy, it must provide our body with a series of nutrients necessary for its correct functioning. In this article we explain whyoats are an excellent breakfast food.

Cholesterol. It is a great source of amino acids, substances that stimulate the synthesis of lecithin in the liver, purifying the body of toxins. It also helps us expel fat and cholesterol deposits that accumulate in the arteries.

Osteoporosis. Calcium is a fundamental mineral for bone health. Oats, being rich in this mineral, can counteract the loss of bone density and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Digestion. Being rich in fibre, oats help us fight constipation and reduce stomach acid. Oats keep us full for longer, making us eat less and therefore gain less weight.

Diabetes. Another of the great benefits of oats is the ability to reduce blood sugar levels, improving starch digestion. Oats are an excellent food for both preventing and treating diabetes.