Oil 31: cures coughs, colds, muscle aches, migraines and more

Oil 31 is a preparation that is enjoying tremendous success all over the world. It is a mix of essential oils derived from 31 different plants, an inexpensive solution that offers us numerous health benefits.

For the body it is stimulating and refreshing, and is ideal to apply after exercising. Oil 31 has calming, relaxing and analgesic properties, which help relieve joint and muscle pain.

By applying about ten drops to the painful area, oil 31 helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is also useful for combating inflammation such as neck stiffness, neck pain, low back pain, and tendonitis.

Pouring a few drops of oil 31 into a bathtub full of warm water can relax the body and combat fatigue and exhaustion. To relieve headaches and migraines, simply apply a small amount to the forehead.

Oil 31 is also effective against dandruff (pour 7 drops on dry hair before combing), against swollen feet (soak them in a basin full of hot water and 15 drops of oil) and to eliminate wrinkles (pour a few drops of oil 31 into your moisturizer).

Antibacterial and balsamic, oil 31 is also an excellent ally against coughs, colds and bronchitis. To enjoy these benefits it can also be used in aerosols.

Oil 31 also helps to comfort sleep (2 drops in a chamomile tea) and improve digestion (3 drops in a glass of warm water).

Caution: do not apply oil 31 to open wounds and do not ingest the oil except in small amounts and diluted in a drink.

To purchase oil 31 from the Just company you can contact the company directly through their official website.