Old socks with holes: recycle them like this! They are very useful!

Do you have old socks with holes? Don’t you dare throw them away yet! They will be very useful if you reuse them in this way.

How to recycle used clothing, such as socks with holes?

Do you have a box of old socks that you’re about to throw away? You may not know that these worn-out clothes can still be recycled. Yes, you can still give them a new life.

If you have socks with holes that you no longer wear or are destined for the trash, know that they are still useful. If you recycle them, you can have something really special.

Used socks with holes: turn them into a cloth doll

Start with this original idea that children, especially girls, will love. You can transform old socks into traditional cloth dolls. You just need old socks, cotton and a sewing machine. Below we explain how to make this fabric doll.

Start by cutting out a large circle from one of the socks with holes to create the doll’s head. Then, seal the sides of this piece of fabric with the sewing machine and stuff the inside with cotton.

Next, take the other sock and cut out the central part and the side ends with a cutter to give it the shape of two fingers. This is an essential step to make the doll body.

Also pass this piece of sock under the sewing machine. Join the two sides and fill the empty space with cotton.

Take another identical sock to create the doll’s body. Cut the side end, turn it inside out and fill with cotton. Next, sew the doll’s legs and arms by machine or by hand.

Once you’ve shaped your doll, you still need a used sock to create a dress to dress it in.

Now go back to the doll’s head and decorate it with wool threads of the color you prefer. Sew the threads to form the doll’s hair. Attach the head to the body and you have a magnificent doll made from used socks.

Have your kids help you in this craft session. You can paint the doll or sew buttons on it. You will see that they will be happy to share this creative moment with you!