Mobile phone: never leave it in this position, as you could end up with the battery at 0%.

Avoid leaving your smartphone there! If you make this mistake, your battery will drain and your phone will be damaged.

No one can live without mobile phones anymore. However, you should never leave them in this position because the battery will completely drain.

Be careful with your mobile: never leave it in this position

Have you just bought a new mobile phone and, after a few months of use, the battery can’t hold up anymore? In reality, it is not at all a defect of the device, but rather an incorrect handling that you do daily and that can affect the life of your battery.

Nowadays, everyone has an ultra-modern smartphone. But the only problem with these devices is that their batteries do not last at all.

Due to excessive use, the batteries of the latest generation mobile phones only last a maximum of 24 hours. Why is this happening?

Mobile phones are like people. They may suffer from changes in the environment. In other words, they can be affected by heat, cold, and other temperature variations. Furthermore, a phone’s battery is lithium, and excessive temperatures can damage it irreversibly.

So never leave your smartphone on the car dashboard in direct sunlight. Don’t put it in your pocket either. If you go skiing, leave your phone at home instead of taking it with you.

Very low temperatures can also damage the battery. In fact, it is possible that, above a certain temperature, the device’s touch screen stops working. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a damaged phone.

To protect your phone from temperature changes, use thermal covers. To preserve the health of the battery, experts recommend turning off the phone completely when you are in the mountains or by the sea, especially if temperatures are around 0 degrees or above 33 degrees. This way, you won’t have to worry about the battery.

One last mistake you should never make: leave your phone plugged in overnight to recharge the battery. Even if the battery is fully charged, it will discharge very quickly during the day.