Expired Yogurt: 3 Clever Ways to Recycle It!

Have you bought a package of yogurt and forgotten to consume it on time? Once the expiration date has passed, you only think about throwing them in the trash. But you are making a serious mistake. Although it is expired, its consistency has not changed much and you can reuse it in other ways. Here are 3 super cool ideas to transform expired yogurt into a useful home and body care product.

Plant food

Do you have a large garden with many plants? If your yogurt has expired and is no longer edible, you can turn it into an excellent fertilizer for your plants. It’s a great way to save money and take care of your plants at the same time.

To make this natural fertilizer, mix yogurt with water. Mix it well and water your plants with this solution. Your plants will be green and healthy at the same time.

To polish steel surfaces

Over time, kitchen utensils such as pots and pans become dull. To restore their original shine, you can recycle expired yogurt and turn it into a polish. To do this, apply the yogurt on the pan with a cotton ball. Let it sit and remove it with a damp cloth. In no time you will have a shiny pan.

Facial mask

To take care of your skin, don’t throw away expired yogurt! You can recycle it into a beauty mask. Suitable for all skin types, this nourishing mask is made with yogurt, two teaspoons of honey and a drop of lemon essential oil. Mix these three ingredients in a bowl and apply them to your facial skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.