Only by spraying this mixture in the bathroom will you eliminate the stench of urine forever.

Is the stench of urine a torment in the bathroom? Cleaning experts recommend a powerful mixture with a few natural ingredients.

When the stench in the bathroom does not stop appearing, despite the various measures and products used, it becomes a real torture. Cleaning experts and grandmothers are indispensable to find all-natural remedies in order to save on the end-of-month budget. To eliminate the stench of urine, a rich mixture is used and sprayed directly into the bathroom.

Bad odors in the bathroom, what are the main causes?

Bad odor in the bathroom is a common condition, caused by a number of particular factors. It is inevitable that dampness will grow and there is the possibility of mildew appearing on the walls, as well as the pungent smell of urine over time.

Whether it is due to a clogged drain, accumulated moisture or poor hygiene, the odor in the bathroom lingers and is difficult to eliminate. In most cases we resort to the use of room fragrances, rich in harmful chemicals and preservatives.

To preserve nature and your wallet, cleaning experts recover an ancient method of grandmothers. With just a few ingredients, you can have a substance that perfumes, sanitizes and cleans from toilets to bathroom surfaces…

Natural substance to eliminate urine stench: ingredients and use

It is natural ingredients that lead the way in the continuous search for useful products. In this case, a bathroom cleaning substance is created that is able to simultaneously sanitize and eliminate the stench of urine.

The ingredients are:

2 organic lemons


Liquid vanilla


The procedure is very simple: just take the lemons and cut them into thin slices. Immediately afterwards, add a liter of water to a saucepan and bring it to a boil together with the organic lemons.

Miscella with lemons

Halfway through cooking add the cloves, stirring the substance for about 15 minutes more. Allow to cool and pour into a bowl.

Once the mixture has cooled, add a few drops of liquid vanilla to enhance its natural aroma. Pour it all into a container with the sprayer: the substance is ready to be used in the bath.

Detergente naturale per il bagno

The ingredients come together to create a powerful mixture, rich in cleaning and degreasing properties and excellent for eliminating unpleasant odors in the bathroom.

Spray on surfaces and then wipe with a damp sponge to remove dirt completely. For pee odor, spray inside the toilet and leave for at least 60 minutes. Immediately afterwards, take the toilet brush to remove the dirt while deodorizing the room: flush the toilet and repeat the operation twice a week.

This mixture is suitable for all bathroom surfaces and toilets, being completely natural and without preservatives. The environment will be sanitized and perfumed like never before.