Laundry tip for soft and fluffy towels

Did you know that even at home, you can get super-soft towels effortlessly? This is the trick that laundromats use.

You can use a natural remedy for towels that you have at home and that costs neither effort nor money.

Soft towels: you can

Hand or machine washed towels are not always as soft as they should be. In fact, to get them, you often have to use a dryer which, in recent times, can be considered a luxury appliance, as it costs a lot of electricity. Moreover, not everyone has a dryer.

So how do you get soft, fluffy towels if you can’t use a dryer? There’s a very simple solution. And no, it’s not about fabric softener.

After all, too many washings can make towels rough. To restore their softness. Here’s an infallible trick to take care of them and a few more tips.

The secret ingredient of the laundries

The technique also used in the laundry to get very soft towels without using the dryer is simply to replace the softener with white vinegar. This portentous ingredient, common in our kitchens, by adding it to the laundry inside the drum with a little detergent will give your towels an unexpected softness.

The reason is simple: the acetic acid contained in white vinegar can break down excess detergent and buildup that can be incorporated into the fibers of the fabric. This is what alters the absorbency of towels. In addition to being natural, versatile and economical, white vinegar can also be used to clean the inside of the washing machine. A very effective alternative to chemical products that do not always deliver what they promise.

Vinegar, although powerful, doesn’t exactly smell good. In this case, essential oils can come to your aid. If you pour diluted white vinegar into the drum, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to give your laundry more scent. You can choose from lavender, eucalyptus, citrus and many other scents.

If you’ve run out of white vinegar, another way to get softer towels is to use baking soda. Just mix half a cup with homemade Marseille soap detergent. In addition to helping soften clothes, baking soda is great for removing odors from towels.

To wash them, avoid using water that is too hot. The important thing is that the detergent is well absorbed by the fibers of the towels to avoid damaging them. Water that is too hot could cause the opposite.

In addition, to increase the softness, you may find it useful to dry the towels with an iron. In addition, shaking the towels before drying will allow the fibers to swell and the towels will definitely be softer.