Fouled and fouled gas stoves, cooks’ method for effortless solutions

Dirty and dirty gas stoves, and you already know the cooks’ method to always have a shiny and super-functional kitchen? We bet that from now on you won’t retrace your steps…

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We reveal the revolutionary technique that cooks use to clean dirty and encrusted gas stoves. You’ll thank us for the trick that will save you a lot of time in household chores.

Take care of your kitchen in a few simple steps

You too may have found yourself buying a new stove for your home or replacing your old one with a modern one, and you will no doubt have opted for the latest generation of high-tech appliances.

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What in a house, or better still in a kitchen, generally tends to stay the same is the hob. Unless you have opted for the induction hob, you will certainly have that classic gas hob that really takes a lot of effort to keep clean.

How many hours do you spend every day cleaning your stained or food-encrusted stove? Undoubtedly, a lot. No matter how many detergents you buy or specific products you use, you are almost never 100% satisfied with the result.

Starting today, however, the music changes. Here is the cooks’ method that will save you and also prolong the life of your kitchen. You only need two ingredients to get the “fires” clear and bright. Ready to discover the secret? You’ll never go back.

The secret to a sparkling clean kitchen

We know that the life of household appliances depends on us: to keep them working properly and at peak performance, it is necessary not only to use them correctly, but also to clean them properly. Today we focus our attention on classic gas stoves that most of the time appear dirty and encrusted.

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Even if you use the best products on the market, it often does little good: they are never as shiny and clean as you would like them to be. At least until today. We reveal to you the method used by cooks to clean encrusted and dirty stovetops in just a few minutes and thus achieve the classic shiny and gleaming stovetops.

To make a magic soap you only need two ingredients. Curious about what we’re talking about? We’ll tell you right now. All you need is detergent soap and soda.

That’s right, you only need these two elements to perfectly degrease your kitchen. The process is really very simple. In a bowl, add three tablespoons of dish soap and two tablespoons of soda, mix the mixture and then add a glass of water.

You will see that a semi-dense solution with foam is created. Now get a clean sponge and start spotting your hob and stove. Scrape with the mesh that you would have dipped in the solution made to remove the deepest encrustations.

Let the product act for at least 10 minutes, then proceed to the final cleaning with a deerskin or microfiber cloth that will help you remove any other residue: in less than 10 minutes you will have very clean hobs and a cooktop that will reflect your so clean image.

Did you know about this technique? It is a little known trick but used by cooks to clean their gas stoves and hobs. However, there are many remedies, even with natural ingredients, that allow you to have super shiny cooktops.

For example, did you know that vinegar is also an excellent cleaning ally? If you also want to try this second technique, follow these steps