The trick to say goodbye to black leaks in the house is revealed: just do this

We can say goodbye to dirt in the floor joints thanks to a foolproof method. Here’s what it consists of.

Our homes are the place where we spend the most hours of our lives and where we can be ourselves without fear of necessarily behaving impeccably.

Therefore, we have behaviors that we would never have in other places or in the presence of other people who are not members of our household or housemates with whom we are very familiar.

Floors: how to remove dirt from the joints

Sometimes, however, these behaviors can cause certain areas and elements of our home to become dirty more easily, so it is advisable to keep our home clean at all times.

For this to happen, we have a lot of products that we can find in the market that help us to keep our home clean and tidy and even smell good.

But sometimes, these products fail to completely clean the dirt in the home, especially in areas that are not quite easy where it is almost impossible to remove everything that has accumulated inside.

Flooring: ecco come pulire le vie di fuga

Suffice it to say that a lot of germs, fungi and bacteria, are deposited on our floors due to the trampling of the floor, which can also occur with the footwear outside our home.

Therefore, it is advisable to take off your shoes at the entrance or before entering the living room or another room and put on slippers or non-slip socks so as not to contaminate the entire floor.

This, however, is not always done and we may also have guests at home whom we cannot force to take off their shoes, although many do not mind asking them to do so.

The infallible method to remove the most encrusted dirt

In our floor we can also find traces of dust and hair residues and many times it is formed by granite or marble bricks and there are gaps between them.

These, over time, tend to blacken and this happens when the dirt accumulates and becomes increasingly difficult to remove, as we have to spend a lot of time and elbows.

But there is a remedy that can solve this problem. First of all, we take some baking soda and put two tablespoons inside a bowl where we are going to put some dishwasher cleaner.

Floor: ecco come pulire le vie di fuga

Then we also add a little hydrogen peroxide and stir until we have a semi-liquid mixture that we put in a small bottle with a nozzle.

Squeezing the nozzle we will take it out and we will spread it by the exhaust pipes and we will leave it to act for some minutes and then we will use an abrasive sponge to eliminate it with force.

We will see, as in just a few seconds, the dirt of the joints of the floor will come off and we will have the house very shining. To keep it this way, it is advisable to repeat the process at least once a week, being careful not to deteriorate our floor if it is special, like the parquet.