Only this can remove any stain from clothes: better than bleach

There is an ingredient that can remove any type of stain from clothing. This is what it is.

During our day we are forced to move around and frequent places where we come into contact with substances that can damage or dirty our clothes.

Most of these   stains   come from food that falls on us or from perspiration, especially in very hot times, where halos tend to remain, especially on white clothing.

Laundry: this is how to remove stains

But if we live with   children   or   adolescents   or if we work in contact with nature or are athletes, many times our clothes get dirty with dirt or grass and these stains leave little behind.

Even cooks tend to get their aprons dirty with the ingredients used in the kitchen and it is very rare that a cook does not get dirty during his shift or while preparing a dish.

Thus, we end up with a row of things to wash and stains   that,   even after the first wash, do not usually want to come out of our clothes and therefore we are forced to use more aggressive products and wash them again.

Laundry: how to remove stains

However, we must be very careful because some products can damage the fabrics and over time they could break and we will be forced to throw away our garment.

To ensure this does not happen, you must first understand where the stain is coming from and act quickly so that it does not absorb into the fabric and can then be removed quickly.

The foolproof method

Typically, when stained with wine or another liquid, you should immediately put something   powdery   like   baking soda   or   salt   on top of the dress, which tends to absorb moisture and therefore does not penetrate the fabric and damage it.

If, on the other hand, we have not done it in time, we can resort to a very effective remedy.  Baking soda   should always be placed in a tub of warm water, then we will soak the affected garment.

After a few hours of soaking, we will tend to remove the coating and see the stain disappear, but if that doesn’t happen, take some   baking soda   and combine it with   wine vinegar   and make a mixture.

Laundry: how to remove stains

This, to which you can also add   lemon juice   , should be placed on the stain and allowed to rest for a few minutes in the sun, then rubbed with a toothbrush or sponge so that the stain disappears completely.

During this operation we must be very delicate, since if it is light fabrics they could break, so be careful and we will see that our stains, even the most stubborn ones, will be swept away.

There are also other methods on the web to remove stains, depending on their nature, but this method is the most effective due to the whitening properties of baking soda   .