Shower cabin, how to clean it easily in a few steps: you will find the solution in the pantry

Not everyone knows that there is an alternative method on the market to regular detergents to clean the shower screen. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Living in a  clean   and orderly environment is a wish that we would all like to always see fulfilled. However, due to many daily commitments, there is often not enough time to be at home. This causes   dirt   and dust to continue accumulating day after day.

In addition, there are pieces that are used more frequently   than   others, so they require much more care and dedication. One of the places in the house that should be cleaned   daily   is undoubtedly the bathroom; not only for a simple aesthetic factor, but also and above all to preserve and care for    personal hygiene .

When it comes to cleaning, we usually go to the supermarket to buy the   products that   we think will be useful to us. In reality, not everyone is aware that, sometimes, it is not necessary to buy anything to take care of the house. This is possible thanks to the   properties   of some of the ingredients that we usually keep in the kitchen and that, without knowing it, also represent valid allies in other contexts.

Shower cabin: how to clean it quickly and easily

At the end of a long and tiring day at work, we often treat ourselves to a regenerating hot shower. A true panacea not only to recover lost energy, but also as a good relaxing habit. And it is precisely in these cases when one cannot help but notice the  lime stains   , rings and mold that are created on the surfaces and glass of the   shower cabin   .

To remove accumulated dirt, the detergents that we find on the market can undoubtedly help us, but in the same way an ingredient -cheap   and   easy to use- that we usually keep stored in the kitchen pantry can help us:   vinegar   .

Internal cleaning

In fact, this ingredient, in addition to being perfect for using in the preparation of certain recipes, also has disinfectant and  degreasing properties   , both ideal for cleaning our shower cabin.

To test the effectiveness of this DIY trick, all you need to do is get a bowl of   hot water   ; a pair of gloves; a rag and a bottle of vinegar.

Use vinegar to get rid of dirt.

Making our shower cabin clean and sparkling by using vinegar is very simple. After filling a sink with hot water, add as much vinegar as you think is enough, and submerge the    shower head for what minute. In this way, the accumulated limestone will dissolve and once this process is finished, it will look like new again.

Clean the bathroom

However, to clean the windows and corners of the shower stall, simply pour vinegar over them and rub with a cloth. After that, all you have to do is   rinse   well and admire how, in no time and with   minimal expense   , we managed to restore our bathroom to its former glory.