Clean the washing machine from top to bottom with 3 cents: limescale and bad odors will disappear

Washing machine, are you looking for a solution that allows you to have it super clean, without limescale and without bad odors? You only need 3 cents for this miracle to happen.

How to   clean the washing machine thoroughly, quickly and economically   ? The experts’ trick will save you cleaning! You will never come back.

Washing machine, how to care for this device

Washing machine, how could you do without it?  This extraordinary device is one of the most useful inventions ever made, a true   lifesaver.  Clean, scented cloths for every wash is everyone’s wish, but often even this cutting-edge accessory provokes an attack.

Washing machine

You may have found yourself in this situation too: a new or used but still in good condition washing machine, which   doesn’t give you even remotely pleasant smelling clothes.

Not to mention   the inside of your washing machine   , which   sometimes gives off an unbearable smell   . And can we talk about the   limestone and the stains that form on the window glass?  How can this happen? Unless your device has mechanical problems, it means you are doing something wrong.

Do not panic!  We have the right solution for you.  Si vous voulez avoir une   machine à laver propre, impeccable et parfaite en un rien de temps   , il va fallair mettre   cette technique en pratique   : avec seulement 3 centimes vous pourrez enfin dire adieu aux taches, au calcaire et aux mauvaises odeurs qui triggerîtront en un wink

How to clean your device from top to bottom for only 3 cents

If you are also especially concerned about the health of your   washing machine   , you will surely take care of it in the most appropriate way, with   specific products   that guarantee a long life for your appliance.

washing machine cleaning

Cependant, combine de fois, peut-être, vous êtes-vous retrouvé à dépenser beaucoup d’argent pour   éliminer les mauvaises odeurs   qui se font souvent feel entre ses parties o   pour lutter contre le calcaire ou les taches gênantes   qui ne quittent pas notre hublot Only ?

Know that we have a   solution to your problem.  If you have read this far it is because you are also looking for a   natural solution   that will allow you to clean your   device   from top to bottom in a short time and say goodbye to all the problems that we have mentioned so far.

Did you know that with only   3 cents   you can have a washing machine like new? We explain what you will need. The only thing you need is   vinegar   ! Well yes, this seasoning is one of the ingredients that gives shine to both the washing machine and the laundry.

Have you ever tried   washing your own clothes with vinegar   ? All you have to do is put a cap in the   wash and prewash tank   : you will see how shiny it is and, above all, how good it smells, especially if you add a dose of natural fabric softener.

However, vinegar not only guarantees perfect and sanitized clothes, but it is also   an excellent ingredient for cleaning the inside of the washing machine   . Really cheap, a bottle only costs 36 cents, it’s very easy to use.

All the techniques of expert housewives

Its   cleaning and degreasing action   will allow you to have a clean, clear and impeccable washing machine like new. With just   three cents   , that is the price for each use, you can finally say goodbye to stains, bad odors and limescale.

How should you proceed?  For internal washing, all you have to do is run your washing machine through an empty wash cycle   once a month, filling the special compartments and the fabric softener tank with this ingredient.

Program your washing machine   to drain from 0 to 90°   and let the internal walls of your appliance disinfect. Instead, you can clean   the porthole with a solution consisting of not only vinegar mixed with 100 ml of water, but also baking soda.

In the latter case,   pour a teaspoon into a glass of water, mix the solution and moisten a cloth   or sponge and start cleaning both the internal walls of the appliance and the door: you will see that in a few minutes you will have a washing machine without unpleasant odors. and above all without stains.

Going back to vinegar,   this ingredient is also great for cleaning the internal parts of the device   . For example, with it you can   disinfect and even make the drum of the washing machine clean and shiny   : in this case you just have to dip a sponge in the mixture and rub all the areas, perhaps even using a toothbrush that will be able to reach the most difficult points.

Even   the gasket on your washing machine can be cleaned with vinegar   . Always use a toothbrush that you dip into the vinegar mixture and then run it through the gap in the gasket. Finally, start wiping everything again with a slightly damp cloth.

As for   the filter   , even in this case vinegar is super useful. Always take a toothbrush, dip it in vinegar and start scrubbing the filter. Rinse and dry everything thoroughly.  With these techniques you will have a washing machine like new   .