Why should you put a wet wipe in the washing machine?

Although our washing machine is a useful tool for washing our clothes, there are practical tricks that save us time and it would be a shame not to try them. In this article we show you that by placing a damp cloth in the drum of your washing machine, you can clean your clothes faster.

This trick helps wash your clothes faster because it solves an annoying problem especially for pet owners. Pet hair that accumulates on fabric makes it difficult to wash clothes, sheets, and blankets and therefore more time-consuming. However, this problem can be avoided by using this simple trick of adding wet wipes to your washing machine.

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Wet wipes for impeccable laundry

If you want lint- and hair-free clothes even after washing, using wet wipes in your washing machine can be the perfect solution. Hair and lint will be trapped in the wipes, which will not only result in clean, hair-free clothes, but will also prevent them from ending up in the machine’s hoses and filter. However, it is important to take care of regular maintenance of your washing machine to avoid breakdowns.

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As for the method that interests us, it is very simple. Simply place a wipe or two in the drum full of clothes and then wash as usual. The number of wipes needed will depend on the amount of clothes to be washed. This tip will help protect your clothes from fine lint and hair residue, which will be captured by the wipes.

It is also possible to use dryer fabric softeners as an alternative if you prefer the scent of fabric softener. However, it is better to use wet wipes, as tissues can fall apart during washing.

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More Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

If you want to get rid of hair that sticks to clothes without using the washing machine, here are some practical tips to achieve it:

Sponge:   This method should be used if you do not intend to use the garment immediately because it will need time to dry. Clean the fabric with a slightly damp sponge in circular movements to remove any hair.

White vinegar:   Thanks to its acetic acid that softens the fabric, white vinegar does not allow animal hair to adhere to the fibers of the fabrics after drying. Bathe your clothes in a container filled with water and 120 ml of vinegar and then wash them as usual. Vinegar continues to be one of the best allies for cleaning clothes.

Adhesive tape:   Adhesive tape will easily remove hair from your textiles. You just have to pass a piece of the tape over the fabric in question to catch the hairs. You can also use it as a roller by wrapping a wide band around your hand.

What about the upholstery?

If you have pets in your home, you know very well that   the upholstery is not free of hair and dirt  . To remedy this you will need a liter of hot water, ½ glass of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent or soapy water based on Marseille soap or black soap.