Opaque lenses: the infallible method to make them shiny and flawless

Opaque lenses: the infallible method to make them shiny and flawless  . Households that don’t use dishwashers due to lack of money or choice still struggle with these common problems. In fact, the glasses that have just been washed by hand are always   opaque  ,   stained   and   smelly  . Here’s how to solve this problem.

Opaque Glasses: The Paper and Apple Cider Vinegar Method to Make Them Shiny and Flawless

Since it is unthinkable   to serve   drinks to guests using opaque glasses , you should know this trick based on paper and apple cider vinegar better.

The most important rule for removing stains and streaks from glasses  is  washing   with hot water.  However, be careful not to wash the glasses with water that is too hot, otherwise you risk damaging them.

Then all you have to do is follow these steps carefully to guarantee perfectly shiny glasses that also smell pleasant. Therefore, it is recommended  after a classic hand wash:

–            Dip the jars in a solution that is half water and half  apple cider vinegar  .   Make sure the basin can hold all the glasses.

– Wait a few minutes for   the product to take effect.

– Drain them   by   placing them upside down on a flat, clean surface  . In fact, it is very important to drain the water because the remaining water will leave stains on the glass.

– Once the water drops have disappeared, prepare to dry. We strongly advise against   drying with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

– Dry with a large cloth. To do this, you need to hold the base with one hand and gently rub the  paper  on the inside of the glass with the other hand.

– Do the same for the outer part of the glass.

–            Store it in the cupboard and make sure your fingers do not   come into contact with the freshly cleaned glass.