Orange peels, don’t throw them away: see what happens if you put them on the plants

Never throw away orange peels because they can have many uses. And for the plants? This is what happens with this expert method.

orange peels

How many times are people invited  not to throw away but to recycle  as much as possible? Orange peel is a set of properties and benefits, with different uses that can be tried in the kitchen or in the garden. In any case, to protect the environment and reduce waste, fruit skin can become a true ally. Some gardeners recommend putting  these shells inside plants  , but why? Let’s find out together.

What are the benefits of orange peel?

Citrus fruits in general have many benefits and properties that should not be underestimated, with high-level healing and nutritional actions. In most cases it is customary  to consume only the pulp  , but in reality the rind also contains advantages to be used continuously.

Orange peel has a rich content of lemongrass, vitamin C, pectins and phellandrene, which are optimal for the body and for eliminating toxins accumulated during the day. It promotes purification, digestion and strengthens the immune system,  especially in winter.

That’s not all, peels can also be used  against bacterial plaque  or to help restore regularity by counteracting abdominal swelling.

orange peel

The oils extracted from the  peel contain unique properties  for antibacterial and antimicrobial action. The zest can also be chewed without ingesting, considering that it cleans the teeth and mouth in the absence of the usual toothbrush.

Excellent to add to salads, for a citrus touch and to be able to digest without effort, especially in summer.

Orange peel on plants: the professional method

After realizing how important it is  not to throw away orange peels  , few know a fundamental trick that nurserymen suggest. For those who have cats at home, it is known that their instinct is to go hunting.

Be careful with possible food scraps that may be left around the house, also because they could be harmful to our four-legged friends. To keep them away  from certain areas  , the ideal is to install automatic sprinklers with sensors to eliminate them completely.

There is another cheap, all-natural and non-invasive remedy for curious felines. In fact, just place some orange peels on the plants, or gently rub them along the skirting board: the smell is very annoying for cats and they will no longer go near places  they are not allowed to go.

cat in the garden

To increase the power of orange zest you can also add coffee powder. In this case, the cat will be kept away from the plants, from  areas of the balcony  where access is prohibited, and also from the garden.

An advice? The peel can also be used as a natural fertilizer for plants, after having been macerated.