Violets, the perfect position to make them bloom forever: here’s where to put them

Did you know that there is a perfect position for a plant to always bloom? Here is what position and what plant we are talking about  !

Surrounding yourself with beautiful and decorative plants is the best way to have a cozy and beautiful home. Among the most fascinating plants that exist is certainly the pansy, known because it symbolizes deep love, but also for the beauty of its flowers.

Keeping it healthy is therefore important to enjoy its long flowering, but how to do it? Simple, just place it in the right position and the plant will last a long time. Let’s see all about the pansy and how to position it so that it blooms forever!

the thought

Also known as viola tricolor, pansy or pansy belongs to the Violaceae family and is well  known as a symbol of pure love  . Very beautiful and also quite resistant, it blooms mainly in the autumn-winter period, but often also in early spring and lasts until the heat of summer.

During the cold season, the  plant should be kept in a more suitable place in the house  ,  to receive sun and light. In this way it manages to flourish exuberantly and ensures ornamentation in any environment it is placed in.

Violet flower pot

There are several varieties of this plant, with large flowers, such as Viola x wittrockiana, or small flowers, such as Viola tricolor or Viola cornuta. The ideal period to transplant the pansy is around the month of September/October.

Once purchased, it should  be transplanted with soil for flowering plants  and placed in a low container. If you choose to plant violets in flower beds, it is advisable to place them at a distance of 10 to 20 cm from each other, to ventilate the roots and avoid stagnation of water.

For the pansy to last a long time, it is necessary to take care of it regularly, water it constantly without causing stagnation and, above all, identify the correct position where to place it at different times of the year.

Adjusting  to the most appropriate position  to guarantee the well-being of the pansy, it blooms without interruptions and grows healthy and leafy, showing all the beauty of its flowers.

Direct light in autumn and winter

During  the fall season and during winter,  you can position the pansy by placing it  exposed directly to the sun  . It is possible to opt for this solution since the sun, both in autumn and winter, is usually warm, so there should be no risk to the plant.

create damage. On the other hand, during the summer season, when the sun’s rays are very strong and can burn the plant,  direct exposure should be avoided and indirect exposure preferred  . Instead, it is advisable to place the plant in semi-shade during the spring season, in a point where it can receive light but is not excessively exposed.

Pot and garden display

If you have decided to grow  pansies in pots,  you can easily place them wherever suits them best and even move them in the morning  so they can enjoy the sunlight  . In the morning the rays are still weak and are pleasant and beneficial for the plant, so it is best to move it.

Lush flower of violets

On the other hand, if  you have decided to grow pansies in the garden  , the alternative to protect them from the summer sun is to place cloths on top to keep them in the shade. In these cases, plant them towards the east, so that the plants receive light only in the morning, avoiding the heat of the day.

You should still  pay attention to winds and currents  to safeguard the plant. In fact, the pansy does not like the wind, so it is strictly necessary to place it in protected places, where it cannot be reached by gusts of wind.

You might  consider growing it next to taller plants  , or near a wall, to prevent the wind from reaching it. As we have seen, position is crucial for thought to grow luxuriantly.