Oven, if you do it at the end of each use you will not have to clean it for weeks.

There is a secret to keeping the oven clean for a long time. Here’s what it is and how to do it.

One of the moments most loved by Italians is when you sit down at the table and eat a   long-awaited dish  , such as Sunday lasagna or a good baked chicken   with   potatoes.

All these dishes see the use of the   appliance   in question and therefore in addition to wasting electricity, we will also have to buy cleaning products after cooking the dish.

Oven: Here’s How to Clean It Quickly

There are many specialties that use the   oven   and they are almost always among the best, in fact we think of a rustic pizza, a potato pizza or even a focaccia or an empanada or cookies.

All of these products must be baked and other foods, such as eggs, for example, are sometimes recommended to bake to avoid health problems related to frying  .

The use of this device helps us a lot and thanks to the functions present we can grate our vegetables or form the crust on the pasta in the oven or even reheat the dishes.

Oven: the secret of cleaning

But every time we activate it and insert one of these   plates,   we have to face the dirt it hides because, especially for more complicated preparations, some ingredients could remain on the walls.

This happens because in the kitchen nothing is predictable and it can happen that during cooking something comes out of the pan and we end up with the oven full of food remains.

Therefore, once our dish is cooked, we must clean it carefully, avoiding the formation of   scale   that will remain on it for a long time and will then be difficult to remove over time.

The method to avoid washing it often

But many times the   oven   does not need a thorough cleaning, because everything we cook stays inside the pan and therefore there is no trace of food remains.

However, the   oven is said to   be not clean. On the contrary, every time the device is used, the glass gets dirty and therefore has to be cleaned, but there is a way to do it quickly.

Thanks to this method, you can avoid cleaning the   oven   for weeks and just wipe it with the cloth to be able to reuse it a second time. First we take a container and put   wine vinegar in it   .

Oven: the secret of cleaning

Separately, boil some   water   , then add the vinegar and put it in the   oven   , letting it run for   20 minutes   . After this time, remove the container, being careful not to burn yourself.

We will see how the solution will have evaporated in our   oven   and when you wipe the glass with a cloth it will be clean in an instant. The same will be done inside the   oven   and on the racks, which will be cleaned in a short time.

Thus, we will avoid deep cleaning our   oven   because it will be disinfected by the evaporation of the vinegar and we can reuse it for up to   15 days   , before dedicating ourselves to a more thorough cleaning.