Toilet paper rolls, throwing them away is a big mistake: reuse them like this | they are worth gold

Toilet paper rolls, wait before you throw them away! Did you know that you can reuse them? If you apply this technique, they will serve you well – a valuable resource for your home and beyond.

How to   reuse toilet paper rolls   ? Know that if you throw them away, you are making a big mistake: in this sense, they are really worth gold. Take a look at the system that many use   .

The art of reusing to avoid waste

It goes without saying that   toilet paper is part of our daily lives   . You’ll also end up with endless supplies. What happens when it ends? The easiest and most logical thing is   to throw the roll in the trash   .

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We arrest you immediately. Do you know that you could give it a new life? Like many   household objects or waste,   the rolls   can also be reused in other ways, very useful among others.

This is exactly what we want to explain to you in this contribution. The art of DIY   or the technique of reuse, as this depopulating practice has also been defined worldwide, can allow you to create   works   that will be of great value for your home.

We know, now you’re stumped wondering,   what can I do with toilet paper rolls? We will explain it to you right away. No doubt, you too will be surprised.

How to reuse toilet paper rolls

How many times have you found yourself throwing  toilet paper   rolls in the trash or burning them in the fire   , if you have a fireplace? Next time, wait 5 minutes before throwing them away. Did you know   that they can be reused   ? Give them a second chance!

Roll of toilet paper

With the   technique   we explain, you will create something extraordinarily useful for your home and beyond. Wondering what you can do with a   roll of toilet paper   once it’s gone?

There are many   ways   to recycle that piece of cardboard, bringing  some great ideas to life   . The first thing you can do is make a   nice pencil holder,   for example!

Well yes, you just need   to get 5 or 6 rolls of toilet paper, join them together   , and place them on a base of your choice – it can also be just a cardboard box – then   decorate   your favorite pens or pencils inside the   empty rollers.

Did you know that rolls can also become   a great home organization system   ? For example, you can put socks or even underwear   inside empty toilet paper rolls. Then store them in a box in your drawer. Brilliant idea, right?

However, there are many tricks that reusing rollers can help you put into practice. For example, they can also be used to   make a frame for a mirror.

This may seem like a complicated thing to do at first reading, but if you follow the steps carefully,   you will see that it will be a piece of cake   ! What will you need?

Just a   mirror   – one of the classic ones that you will surely find in your desk drawers or in your cupboard –   a few rolls of toilet paper   – 5 to be exact – some   spray paint   and finally a hot glue gun.

The first thing we need to do is   spray the paint on the outside and inside of the toilet paper rolls   and let it dry. Once this step is done, when the paint is dry, you must press on the rollers and with the help of scissors, you must cut small   volutes out of cardboard   .

At this point take   5 of the two cut rolls   and use hot glue. Glue the ends of your four rolls   together to form “plugs.” Take the fifth roll and put a little   glue on the bottom   , then place it in the middle of the other four rolls that you previously glued.

Finally,   place them around the mirror   making sure they have a linear shape. Repeat this process until all of your cardboard structures are around your mirror. Voila, in five minutes you will have created a truly extraordinary work of art   !

One last idea that we offer you is really delicious. Do you know that you can use toilet paper rolls to give birth   to a splendid seedling   ? All you have to do is   place the seeds of your flowering plants inside the cardboard spool   which will be closed with an additional bottom of paper or solid batting.

Once   the first sprouts appear, you can transfer them to the ground   . Do you see how many cute and original ideas there can be simply by reusing waste? Toilet paper rolls will become   , as you can read,   an invaluable resource for your home and beyond.

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