Turtleneck sweater with a very tight collar, how to fix it in 3 minutes

Turtlenecks are a must when it’s very cold. However, it may happen that the collar gives way and is no longer tight. Let’s see how to solve it.

When made of pure wool, turtlenecks tend to lose their original shape. Let’s fix them efficiently in minutes.

High neck: because it sinks

The high neck of the sweaters allows us to always have a   part of the body that is very sensitive   to the cold well covered, without using scarves or other remedies. Sweaters with this type of collar can be made from the most diverse materials.

Unfortunately, however, with use, especially if the material from which the turtleneck is made is natural (such as wool), it could lose the tight shape that distinguishes it and saves us from the cold.

Fortunately, a   sagging turtleneck   can be remedied with a very simple sewing technique that won’t take you more than three minutes but will still allow you to wear your turtleneck effectively. Or, it will serve to make the high neck of the sweaters more comfortable for impatient children who do not want to leave it on.

coat turtleneck

Let’s discover the technique in question below. We are sure that once you learn it, you won’t put it down.

How to fix it

First, you will need a  stretch cotton thread   in the same color as your sweater or, if you prefer, a contrasting thread. It is found on the market in any haberdashery store. Once you’ve chosen it, wind it onto the bobbin of your sewing machine. The latter is a valid ally for work of this type.

Once you have set the number 5.00 on your machine, place the turtleneck underneath and then sew the top outside edge. You will create a seam that involves the entire perimeter. Then   repeat the seam   a few centimeters below the first, still on the turtleneck of your sweater. Complete a full circle, then repeat once more.

Curves should be made around the   full circumference of the neck   . For a classic turtleneck, five is usually enough. Finally, knot the remaining side of the thread from the first round with the last one, finishing by hand with the needle. The entire length of the neck must be involved.

coat turtleneck

It is easy to understand that once the work is done you will have obtained an elastic collar that adapts to any type of adjustment,   without falling off   in any way. The high collar will adhere perfectly to the skin, without weighing it down but adapting to the person’s movements.

Of course, if you don’t have a sewing machine, it may be more difficult to replicate this quick and easy trick. In this case, you may need to hire a professional seamstress.