Pour vinegar down the toilet: This is how to solve an annoying and very common problem

Taking care of a house, therefore hygiene, order and cleanliness is not easy, there are certain places, such as the bathroom and especially the toilets, that require special attention. 

Toilets are really difficult to clean because no matter what product you use, there are dirty,   caked-on areas   that   make you  stink.

Then there are the   various rooms that are difficult to store   , clean and disinfect, especially when there are children and animals in the house.

Clean the bathroom, how to always keep it clean, fresh and disinfected

In short, taking care of cleaning the house means working for hours and hours and despite everything, not being completely satisfied with the result obtained. The bathroom is a   difficult area to treat   . It requires a lot of attention, it must always be   sanitized, clean and perfumed   .

For this, hundreds of chemicals are used    , sometimes they smell bad and are very toxic, other times they mask the toxicity with a good floral smell. They hurt if inhaled, they damage the environment,  they can even   gnaw on caregivers because they are aggressive, despite everything they hardly achieve   the expected and promised efficiency.

It is important to know that there are actually so many   inexpensive natural methods   that not only turn out to be a great remedy, but are not even bad for your health and the environment. Let’s talk about vinegar   , which manages to eliminate all the most annoying stains inside the toilet at home.

How to use vinegar in the toilet.

The vinegar is simply poured down the toilet and left   to sit overnight   . It is best to do it at night because it is the only time of day when it is least used. In a few hours, you will be able to remove   stains from the inside of the toilet   .

Vinegar is capable of removing all dark lime deposits, unpleasant to look at, which   stink over time   and which generally cannot be completely removed with the use of the indicated products.

After leaving the vinegar in the toilet overnight,   it is important   to thoroughly and thoroughly brush the inside of the toilet as much as possible. It takes a lot of elbow grease, but the toilet will eventually shine. Obviously it is not a miraculous technique, which is applied once and that’s it. The process   is repeated at least once a week.

Cleaning the toilet brush is a foolproof method

A second piece of advice refers to cleaning   the toilet brush,   which is the dirt par excellence, the lair of all germs and bacteria. The mop cleaning technique is very simple, we use   easily accessible products   that give great satisfaction.

First you pour the wine vinegar down the toilet. Then you take the mop, place it under the   toilet lid, and spray it with vinegar   . Even better if you use some baking soda. Together they have an incredible disinfectant action. After hours you rinse, better if you do it with running water.

These are small tips that could also solve several problems. A pinch of ingenuity and natural products   allow us to obtain excellent results, without harming ourselves or the environment, obtaining an excellent cleaning in a very short time.

Taking care of the bathroom, the rules to always keep it clean

To always have   a sparkling bathroom,   you should wash it thoroughly in all its parts at least once a day. This is especially true if a lot of people use it. It is true that it is difficult to find it free and occupy it to clean it for   at least an hour,   but it is essential to do so.

Neglecting the bathroom and especially the toilet is   counterproductive   . The longer the time elapses between one cleaning and the next, the more difficult it will be to remove scale and combat bad odors.