Putting a glass of vinegar in the refrigerator at night: The trick to solving a big problem

Bad odors in the refrigerator can be a problem at home, especially when you don’t have a solution to eradicate them. But don’t think that it is so difficult to do, in fact there is a very effective home method that will help you a lot: the glass of vinegar. How does it work? Let’s find out together.

How often   do you open the refrigerator and it smells bad   ? This can happen many times, since   food is stored in our refrigerators,   but not those that have gone bad but only those that have a strong smell or have been there for a few days.

However, there is an effective natural remedy, made with a great ally in the kitchen and home:   vinegar   . How to do? It takes very little and you will not regret it, you will feel the effectiveness from the first day. Let’s see exactly what we’re talking about.

Small glass of vinegar in the refrigerator: that’s why put it

Bad smells in the refrigerator   are really unpleasant: if you open it and you smell bad, it could invade the entire kitchen and thus make anyone who enters the room uncomfortable.

clean the refrigerator

These are mainly due to   food stored in the appliance,   which is not necessarily inherent to spoiled food, but can also have other causes. How, then, to eliminate them and keep them at a distance?

The first thing you should do   is empty and clean the refrigerator,   which should be done at least once a week. Once the interior has been cleaned, however, we must think of a very useful trick to preserve the pleasant smell of our refrigerator.

Vinegar has a cleaning and degreasing power,   so in addition to cleaning with a mixture of water and this ingredient, you must also   put it in a glass.

It will be an excellent ally to contain the bad smell: you have to   put the glass on a shelf in the refrigerator   , being careful not to let it fall. The liquid inserted in the glass will be able to eradicate bad odors, but remember to change it once a week, to eliminate the contaminated liquid and make it more “fresh”.

But in addition to vinegar, there are other natural remedies to keep the refrigerator scented, or rather safe from bad odors. Let’s see them together.

Natural remedies to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator: the list to remember

Not only is vinegar a useful natural ingredient for cleaning the house and the refrigerator, in fact, at home we can find other very effective products to help keep the refrigerator clean.

For example   , baking soda,   one of the most useful products for household chores. For the refrigerator,   use it with warm water to clean it,   the result will be really perfect for eliminating odors. Even dissolved in water, in a glass, it can have the same effect as vinegar.

Lemon also perfumes and purifies   , diluted in water after washing the refrigerator will help you eliminate bad odors. You can also place half a lemon on a shelf in the refrigerator: this will attract all the impurities and odors, leaving the refrigerator fragrant.

Even   a water and salt solution   can be effective in rinsing and degreasing the refrigerator, eliminating bad odors.

Potato can be used for bad smells in the refrigerator:   peel one and put it in the refrigerator, but it should be replaced every 2-3 days, this will attract bad smells, in fact you will see that it will darken. When it changes color, it is recommended to change it.

Obviously, to avoid bad odors, foods must be tightly closed, especially those that give off strong odors, such as onion, cheese and several others.

Always check that everything is not bad: do not leave rotten things in the refrigerator, otherwise it will be difficult to throw them away.

Once you’ve done these things, you’ll ensure that you always have a clean, fresh, and efficient refrigerator for your food.