Phalangium: the plant that purifies the air at home, just one is enough to eliminate harmful substances

You have undoubtedly heard of or seen phalangium (Chlorophytum comosum), an ornamental plant native to the tropical forests of southern Africa and now widespread throughout the world.

This ornamental plant, widely available throughout the country, was reported by a NASA study to be among the best plants for purifying the air in the home.

Phalangium, in fact, is able to absorb and block toxic and harmful substances that, as surprising as it may seem, are present in almost all of our homes.

Benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are all substances that are released from paints, glues and cleaning products, of which our homes are full. Phalangium blocks these substances, preventing their propagation into the air.

These substances have been associated with numerous health conditions, such as respiratory problems and, in severe cases, even cancer.

Phalangium has long, green leaves with a white band. The plant needs plenty of light and moisture, but direct exposure to the sun should be avoided.