How to make the wax flower (Hoya) bloom to have hundreds of flowers

The wax flower (Hoya carnosa) is a wonderful plant whose name comes from the appearance of its flowers, which look like wax or porcelain, especially when they are not yet fully open.

Depending on the length of the plant, it can be left hanging or adapted to a climber, although in the latter case it will still need to be tied to a support.

To bloom, the waxflower needs to be put in a place with plenty of light, but not directly exposed to the sun. Ideally, it should be placed outside, in a sheltered from the sun’s rays but with plenty of light.

The waxflower cannot withstand intense cold, which is why if you decide to grow it in cold places, you will need to protect it from wind and frost.

Its leaves are oval and fleshy-looking, and this is indicative of the water reserves the plant is capable of storing. Nevertheless, it is advisable to water it frequently in summer to encourage flowering.

In winter you should reduce the frequency of watering, allowing the surface soil to dry out between waterings. Excess watering may cause the leaves to turn yellow.

The wax flower can reach a height of several meters, but this will depend on the size of the pot. A 30-centimeter pot is sufficient to hold a 3- or 4-foot tall plant. The plant begins to flower when the roots are tight together.

The main causes of flower bud drop include excessive heat (an average temperature of 30°C or higher), moving the plant, cold air currents (such as air conditioning), and lack of water.

The plant will not flower if it lacks nutrients, light or moisture, or if the pot is too large.