How to plant a lemon in a cup to scent and decorate home

Sometimes and without even knowing why, our house may acquire an unpleasant smell or, more simply, it may have no smell at all. It is a reality that has a very simple solution: plant a lemon in a cup.

Lemon is one of the most widely used and appreciated fruits. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamins C, P and B vitamins, has disinfectant properties capable of eliminating bacteria and fungi, and is used in the production of flavorings and cosmetic products.

Below we explain how to plant a lemon in a cup step by step to get an excellent result in the shortest possible time.

To start you need the seeds of about 5-10 lemons. The seeds should be whole and in good condition, and should be placed in a cup of clean water to be hydrated.

Discard any seeds that remain afloat, then after a few minutes drain them and dry them with paper towels. Pour moist potting soil into the cup, then arrange the seeds in a circular pattern covering all the soil.

Cover with a small layer of gravel and wait about 10-15 days, after which the seedlings should appear. From this time on, water every morning with a small bottle equipped with a spray diffuser.

If the seedlings are too close together, you can transplant them or remove one. Their growth is slow, and they will take about 4 or 5 months before they reach a size where they need to be transplanted.