The 9 foolproof tricks to eliminate ants forever

Although they are harmless and harmless, ants can turn into a real nightmare when they invade our homes. To avoid having to kill them using chemicals and harmful to our health, we suggest 9 tricks to prevent them from entering our homes.

Who hasn’t happened to walk into the kitchen and notice a long line of ants headed for a food scrap or garbage. Fortunately, ants are only annoying, and not dangerous.

If you see a line of ants, follow it to try to figure out what the entry point is so you can close it off, perhaps with silicone or plaster.

Even if the ants are not yet present, it is always good to check for cracks or other spaces that could serve as an entry point.

Then you can eliminate ants that are already inside the house with a sponge soaked in soap and water. Eliminate only the ants that are already inside; those that are outside are most useful in balancing the presence of other insects.

Another effective trick is to keep garden or balcony plants a safe distance from the front door of our house. If you have a garden with a lawn, move the plants away from the lawn.

To attract ants and thus be able to eliminate them easily, put food capable of attracting ants in closed containers (such as sugar, honey or dog food).

If you have pets, put the container of their food on a dish filled with water-it will prevent ants from reaching our best friend’s meal.

Remove all food and drink residue, including the outside of containers and glasses. Make sure that no crumbs, food remains or grease stains remain on the floor.

Put Vaseline around the edges of the garbage pail-this sticky barrier will prevent ants from invading it.