Place a mask in the drain, after a few seconds you will be surprised

Mask, have you ever tried pouring it down the drain? You will be surprised by the result. This is what happens after a few seconds. Truly great.

Do you know the   mask trick   ? This is how you can reuse this accessory that you probably also have at home:   throw it down the drain and see what happens.

Masks, how to reuse them intelligently

Surely you will also have   the classic disposable masks at home   . We have been using them for more than two years due to the  Covid-19 emergency   . Although today the obligation to walk with these accessories that saved our lives is over, wait before getting rid of them. Do you know that you can   reuse them for something surprising   but above all very useful?

Reuse of masks

You may not know it, but   masks can become an invaluable resource for your home   . Before you give them away, read this article and find out why you should keep them.

With the   technique   that we are about to present to you, you will also be surprised. We have said many times that everything we have, whether used or old, can be   useful   for any occasion.

We are not only talking about clothing or clothing but also about other products, elements or accessories, such as   masks   . Curious why so many people try this technique? The trick that we are going to explain to you will also leave you speechless.

The Mask in the Pipe Trick: Here’s What Happens

Many try   the mask technique in the   shower or down the sink drain. But what is that for? We are sure that you will also be speechless. You will undoubtedly have   the classic disposable masks at home   that we have been using for more than two years due to the covid-19 emergency.

Disposable mask

Don’t throw them away or give them away: they can   be very useful for your home   . You wonder: what can they be used for? We will explain it to you right away. Do you know that you can use them to   create an excellent water drainage and filtration system   ?

But that is not all. They can also be   very useful to prevent insects or cockroaches from coming out of the drain   as well as   to effectively collect hair and lint   , preventing them from   clogging our drains   .

How to create this   DIY filter   ? We will explain it to you right away. Obviously, the first thing you should do is get the classic  disposable mask   which will remove the   side elastics   .

Then take a     traditional blunt tip  scissors and cut the sides of your mask   . At this point you will only be left with the   inner covering, the   blue gauze to make it clear.

Well, all you have to do is   gently remove the layer of gauze   inside your mask, the white one.  With the tip of the scissors, start creating small holes   in a circular shape.

Lift the metal bracket   over each drain and   place it just below this gauze   and cover it with the drain cover. And that’s it!  Your   homemade filter to protect drains   is ready.

Thanks to this technique   you can say goodbye to showers covered by hair   and   you can also avoid bad odors   since the gauze acts as a water drainage system. Even insects and cockroaches will not be able to cross the drain pipe: in short,   the advantages are truly multiple.

But do you know that these   masks   can also be used for many other things? We show you some tips. Many   also use disposable masks to shine their shoes.  Also in this case, the procedure to make your shoe cleaning cloth is the same as just mentioned: so you will have to get the mask, remove the elastic bands and cut the side edges.

This time, however, you will not have to remove the   gauze   from the inside but, on the contrary, you will need it to remove stains or dust from your shoes.  Again, do you know that the plastic holder   that is present inside the masks can also be useful?

Remove it carefully and use it, for example, to   keep your cell phone charger or headphone cables tidy   . So, have you seen how a simple item, like the mask, can help you create really useful things?

Often, all you need is a little   ingenuity and patience   to   reuse things that we think are useless   and ready to be sent to the trash.  Are you going to try all these tricks?

Mask makeup