Pour baking soda into tomato sauce, it’s the chef’s secret: what’s going on?

Baking soda in tomato sauce: Here’s why you should mix them together. This is the chef’s secret. Are you curious to know what’s going on?

It’s an experiment that many try:   pour the baking soda into the tomato sauce.  The result will surprise you. That is why   great chefs use this technique.

Baking soda and tomato, the combination you didn’t expect

Baking soda and tomato   are two easy-to-find ingredients with enormous potential. Do you know what many people do? They try this technique:   mixing them.

baking soda and tomato

The secret of great chefs   is finally revealed. But what are baking soda and tomatoes for? And above all, why do they together give a surprising result? We’ll tell you right away.

Baking soda   is one of the most used ingredients in cooking and has truly extraordinary properties. Not only   is it useful for digestion or heartburn   , it is also   an excellent disinfectant   as well as an ally in the kitchen.

Do you know, for example, that it   can be used to clean tiles or countertops   ? The sodium that constitutes it allows obtaining   an extraordinary polish   . Also great for whitening teeth, if you combine it with coconut oil you can even get a deodorant.

Do you see how many things this simple ingredient can be used for? And can we talk about tomatoes? It is a   botanical fruit with beneficial properties.  Excellent for the skin and to   purify the body   , it is widely used in the kitchen.

But now let’s see   what happens if we mix baking soda and tomato.  The result will surprise you.

The chef’s secret revealed

What happens if we mix baking soda and tomato?  The result will surprise you. Finally he revealed   the chefs’ secret   that you won’t be able to do without either.

Sodium bicarbonate

With the arrival of winter, preparing   warm and tasty recipes   is essential for families. Certainly, among the favorite dishes of Italians, are   those based on tomatoes   . Well, know that   baking soda can save your kitchen   . As?

It is a   perfect ingredient to eliminate the acidity of the sauce   . How many times have you found yourself simmering the same tomato for hours, in the pot, waiting for a delicious sauce?

However, the taste will often have disappointed you:   the sauce always seems sour   . So far: starting today with this trick   you will solve your problem.  To   eliminate the acidic note   that cooked or raw tomatoes have,   you only need to add a teaspoon of baking soda.

Why exactly this white powder? Because   this last ingredient is capable of neutralizing the acidity of foods and regulating the pH.  If you add it during cooking,   you can sweeten your tomato without altering the flavor.

Don’t be afraid if you see   bubbles forming on the surface of the sauce: it means that the chemical reaction is underway.  This technique is also very effective for people who cannot tolerate or digest acidic foods like tomatoes.

Did you know this method? It is   what great chefs use   to make   delicious sweet tomato-based dishes.  If you don’t have baking soda, you can also use other techniques.

For example, you can cook your sauce by adding a   date and a fresh carrot   . These two foods are capable of   correcting the acidity of the tomato   and giving your sauce a sweeter flavor.


As you can clearly see, these two elements,   baking soda and tomato   , together can save your kitchen. Have you ever tried this technique? We assure you that if you experience this, it will be difficult to go back. You have finally found the   solution to make a perfect sauce like the ones you find in restaurants.