Pour it on the geraniums, the results will surprise you: the leaves will turn green and shiny.

Geraniums are beautiful flowers. They are loved by women around the world, both because they are versatile and because they have colors that bring joy and happiness. 

Pour it into the geraniums.

Women usually arrange them on balconies, windowsills or terraces, with little effort they become a great decorative element, they are exceptional and  do not require who knows what preparation.

In fact, geranium is a plant that can also be grown by those with a black thumb and who do not know much about the world of plants.

These flowers can give great satisfaction to anyone,  simply by following some basic guidelines.

This is what the geranium needs, one of the most beloved seedlings in the world

The first thing you should know is that there are many varieties of geranium  and that to cure them all you just need to follow the usual rules that you more or less already know. Generally, geraniums bloom in the month of May, they are planted outdoors, paying attention to the cold and trying to protect them in case of rain, frost or snow.

The pots or planters in which they are planted should not be too small because it is a plant that needs a lot of space and a lot of soil, as well as a layer of drainage at the bottom and pre-fertilized soil that allows the seedlings to grow. live a long  time  and bloom several times a year.

A space of at least 20 cm must be left between one plant and another because the seedling expands quickly and if it does not have space it dies or in any case fails to flower properly. The best time to care for the plant is spring, in this period it can be put back on track and prepared for several spectacular blooms.

How to properly care for geranium.

To ensure that the seedling is well cared for, you should first remove all the old and dry branches, prune the longer branches by shortening them as much as possible without damaging them, then water and fertilize at the right period and transplant it properly if and when  it needs  to.

This operation usually needs to be done in the fall. On the other hand, in spring you have to place the vases outside so that they get sunlight but not directly because otherwise you run the risk of killing it. As for the position of the geranium pot, the balcony is mainly recommended because it makes it beautiful, harmonious, romantic and because these plants keep mosquitoes away.

The powerful fertilizer at no cost, or almost

To ensure that the geranium has an exceptional flowering  , it is advisable to use a fertilizer, which does not necessarily have to be bought ready-made, because generally these products not only cost a lot, but are also bad for your health. Alternatively, in fact, you can prepare the same product directly at home.

In just a few uses and in limited quantities you can have bright green leaves and exceptional flowers. The fertilizer in this case consists only of charcoal, which is not activated charcoal in tablets, but real charcoal. As strange or absurd as it may seem, charcoal poured onto the ground  can give surprising results.

To use it correctly, simply pour small amounts of charcoal directly onto the soil, then water and that’s it. Charcoal is especially recommended because it contains a lot of potassium, which gives immunity to plants and leaves which at the same time are enriched with phosphorus.

Simply put, thanks to charcoal, the seedling never gets sick, grows quite quickly, blooms at any time of the year and tries to keep parasites away as much as possible. Charcoal is a powerful antiseptic. The remedy is recommended by grandmothers who  in ancient times only used this product to obtain fantastic results.