Put 1 roll of toilet paper in the cupboard and you will be surprised at the result

Many put a roll of toilet paper in the closet. Here’s why you’ll be surprised.

During the day, whether we are at home or in the office or elsewhere, we might run away from going to the  toilet  and almost always our dilemma, especially if it is not at home, is to wonder if there is  toilet paper  .

Often, especially in public or even private toilets, this is often lacking and we therefore resort to using  paper tissues  for our intimate hygiene while waiting to return home to better disinfect ourselves.

Toilet paper: this is what happens when you leave a roll inside the cupboard

For this reason, toilet paper  wipes have been put on the market   which have an antibacterial action as well as  toilet seats  which are useful if you have to use toilets used by many people.

Unfortunately, when it escapes us we can no longer force our body to wait otherwise we could find ourselves in unpleasant surprises or force those who accompany us to return home without enjoying the moment.

There are many types of  toilet paper on the market  although their use is for the same purpose but there are rolls that are harder than others and others that are softer with a more absorbent texture.

There are those who, due to the color of their  bathroom,  opt for the colorful one that we find either plain or with embroidery that recalls the manufacturer’s brand printed with different colors.

How to proceed

Many of these  toilet paper rolls  are also scented and therefore in our bathroom we will have an unmistakable scent that can be recognized as soon as you set foot in the room.

It is precisely for this reason that many have used a roll of  toilet paper  inside the  cabinet  , especially in the compartment dedicated to  laundry  to be used for the bathroom and therefore to dry after a shower or bidet.

Many of these rollers have a  smell of talcum powder  and they are the most suitable to be placed in the wardrobe, because by holding a roller near the towels and closing the doors, something surprising will happen.

Toilet paper: this is why it is useful to keep it in the cupboard

The scent of talcum powder will stay trapped inside the cabinet and our towels will only absorb all the  scent  and stay scented for a long time until we use them.

This method is useful if we cannot use  scented detergents  due to allergy problems and therefore instead of having an anonymous scent we can scent our  laundry  without spending more money.

There are many people who tend to have  toilet paper rolls  near the  towels  so that they can take in all the scent and become welcoming even to the smell once used.

You just need to try this method and be surprised by its result.