Kitchen and stove always clean and fragrant with this foolproof method

Thanks to a method used by the most expert housewives, the kitchen and stove will always be clean and fragrant. Here’s what it is.

One of the things that we tend to do every day in our homes is to clean the  stove  and the  kitchen,  because after cooking, cooking water or other food gets deposited on it.

A patina  of  dirt and food residue therefore forms   which must be removed immediately otherwise there is a risk of encrustations and over time it will become more and more difficult to remove even with suitable products.

Kitchen: here’s how to always have a clean stove

In the market, many  famous brands  have sold products suitable for kitchen degreasing, but we are often unable to overcome stubborn dirt or the stove is wet and does not work properly.

For this reason we tend to avoid letting  water  or  detergent  get inside in order to have a flame that always works without it being weak during subsequent cooking.

Therefore, one must be very careful when cleaning the  kitchen  and  stove  and follow a method that has been passed down from generation to generation, from grandmothers to the most experienced housewives.

First of all, we must have with us a  spray bottle,  toilet paper  , detergent  and  salt and a transparent plastic bag, like the one for food and abrasive sponges like those for washing dishes.

We are going to remove the grill system from our kitchen then the stoves and inside these we will put some small pieces of  toilet paper  , being careful not to push them too far.

The housewife method

Once this is done, sprinkle the  kitchen  with  salt  and put a little water and detergent in the sprayer and spray it all on the kitchen then scrub first with a sponge and then with toilet paper.

Once this is done we will see how all the  dirt  is removed and we will be able to act for the grills and the stove. These must all be placed inside the transparent bag where we will put a little detergent and water.

We will let everything act for a few  minutes  then we will dry them and place them in their place, taking care to remove the toilet paper previously inserted inside.

Kitchen: how to keep the stove always clean

As for the grills, by putting  salt  on the abrasive sponge and detergent, you must rub them under water then let them dry and put them back in place, after having carefully cleaned them.

This way our kitchen will be completely  disinfected  through the use of salt and will have been thoroughly descaled after using these ingredients and will remain fragrant until we use it again.

This method is effective and appreciated by all housewives  around  the world who exchange information and secrets of domestic economics both by  word of mouth  and through blogs easily found on the web.

All you have to do is surf the net to discover this and other secrets to having a spotless home.