Put a drop on each plant at the end of February: they will grow visibly

A single drop will be enough at the end of February for garden and house plants: it is necessary for them to grow quickly and well.

Put a drop on the plants

Plants in the home or garden  always need care, although not everyone has the classic green thumb. In general, professional nurserymen recommend using natural ingredients or food scraps, ideal as plant food. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and mineral salts, especially in the skins that are  often thrown into the organic waste  . In this case, just one drop directly on the soil is enough to have a healthy plant, full of leaves and flowers: this should be done immediately at the end of February.

Solution for plants at the end of February: what are the ingredients?

It is not necessary to always resort to chemical products found on the market. Often and willingly, nature manages to donate ingredients, commonly used, that can help the plant grow with alternative but optimal nutrients to make them  healthy and lush.

At the end of February, this substance helps plants welcome spring with a shield for the last cold days of winter. The ingredients are  very few and simple:

  • The peel of a banana
  • Hot water
  • A jar
  • a dispenser
banana for plants

Banana peel  is an energy concentrate for plants, rich in potassium and calcium with vitamins necessary for their growth. Obviously, the pulp should never be thrown away, but rather used as a healthy snack before the gym or after exercises. Also ideal for preparing cakes or puddings, or even some delicacies to share with friends. An example? Cut the banana into slices and place them in a glass, then top with melted dark chocolate and whipped cream. A delight for the palate.

Procedure and tips: what are the advantages of this natural solution for plants?

Banana peel is, on the other hand, a  delight for plants  . The procedure is very simple, in fact all you have to do is cut the banana peel into small pieces to put in a jar.

Immediately afterwards, pour a liter of hot water, close the jar with its lid and let it marinate for 4 days in a warm place. During the maceration process  the water will become cloudy and foamy.

Open the lid and completely filter the substance, which will then be poured into a dispenser. 3 or 4 drops are enough  for each pot  -directly in the soil- to give the plants all the food they need in these last days of February.

Natural fertilizer for plants.

How often to repeat the operation? Starting at the end of February, it is repeated every 15 days for a year without interruption. It is important that plants receive these natural drops to grow and be even healthier and more beautiful. In spring, they will thank you with colorful and wonderful flowers.