Put it on your plants and you won’t believe the results – everyone will want to know how you did it.

Creating a great organic compost, foliar fertilizer, and insecticide for all your houseplants is easy.

garlic on the plant

Sometimes we are not aware of it, but the solution to various problems that affect our plants can be solved by searching the kitchen pantry. Does it seem impossible to you? Then take a look at the following article, you might change your mind.

Plants at home, how to make them feel good

To make the plants feel good at home, it is important to follow these simple steps, such as making sure that the plants always have enough light, but also  that they are not exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Water plants regularly, avoiding getting them too wet or too little, for example, as well as checking the soil to see if they need water.

Always remember the origin of the plant,  its country of origin and try to maintain a constant and appropriate temperature for the species of plant you have at home.

A tropical plant certainly won’t survive the harsh northern winters, near a drafty window!

inside plants

Most houseplants prefer  relatively high humidity. You can increase the humidity around the plant by placing it in a vase with stones and water or misting it regularly  with a misting device.

Spray fertilizer on plants

Once at home,  you should not forget the plant  . Until our purchase he was cared for and pampered by the expert hands of the gardener who left him so beautiful and lush, taking care of him.

Therefore, we must continue on this path and take care of the operations related to the fertilization of the plant regularly,  according to the indications of the species.

Compost, fertilizer and pesticide

The plant feeds like we do. By eliminating food, as we die,  in nature it would be exposed to rain and other things, but within the domestic walls it is we who act as sun, wind, rain and food.

We also  have to take care of the aggressors  , because they manage to reach it even at home, without us realizing it, and even more so if the plant remains periodically outdoors.

So, what is appropriate and can we use on cas plants, to  increase flowering and keep parasites away?

flower and snail

If in the morning the leaves of our beloved plant turn out to have been the “night feast” of a sleepwalker, the problem  is undoubtedly the snails.
And with just one clove of garlic and water we will be able to get rid of the snails. It will produce both a fertilizer and a natural insecticide  effective against any type of plant slug.

This will guarantee us  green, beautiful, healthy roots, beautiful flowers  and no presence of snails.
Not to mention, it works for any type of plant and gives   truly amazing results.

Garlic cloves

We can also buy dried garlic  , it is easily found in the market, but do you want to make it yourself? And then it’s very simple, just take a couple of cloves of garlic and chop them very well in the blender, or buy garlic powder sold in supermarkets.

In both cases, approximately 1 liter is dissolved in water, and with this you have to water the roots and, if it is introduced in a spray, we can also  spray the leaves.

This product will keep parasites away from the leaves of our plants as it is a powerful repellent for slugs of any type. But not only that,  it will also act as a fertilizer.