This is worth gold for the Peace Lily, it is a very powerful natural fertilizer

The Peace Lily is among the best-known plants in the world, among the most unique and particular because it has beautiful leaves, super delicate white flowers, which do not require who knows what care and attention.

lily fertilizer
lily fertilizer

For all these reasons, Peace Lily is the  perfect plant for those who do not have a green thumb  and for those who have many commitments and therefore do not have much time to devote to seedlings and gardening at home.

Even if you forget to water the plant, it produces beautiful flowers any time of the year. The Peace Lily can become an aquatic plant if you place it in a pond, it also manages to purify the environment so it is not only beautiful, but it comes in very handy at home in many cases and occasions  .

Information about the Peace Lily, which family it belongs to and how it is composed

The technical name is Spatifillum, the family to which it belongs is Araceae, it is an immortelle from the American tropics, an indoor plant that brightens any home with its shiny leaves and luminous white flowers. It does not have stems unlike other seedlings, the leaves sprout from the rhizome,  the roots are deep, the white part or the flower is a leaf  that is born to wrap and protect the flowers.

As it ages, the white color turns green, but remains pale. Growing the peace lily is not difficult, there are 60 species and all 60 manage to survive over the years despite little care from those who have a black thumb or do not have much free time. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the location of the plant  because it is practically allergic to wind  and environments where there is a lot of smoke and little oxygen.

Caring for the Peace Lily is very simple, this is what to do, tips and secrets

It is therefore advisable to place the Peace Lily in a well-ventilated room where the air is changed frequently, as long as it is protected from any draft, even the slightest. In the hot months it can even live outdoors  , but it must remain in the shade, also in this case sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight.

To plant it in the ground you need a mixture of peat and sand to which it is advisable to also add some bark flakes. All this serves to acidify the soil. Its ideal temperature ranges between 18 and 25 degrees. In this temperature range it gives life to flowers from spring to autumn.

It can survive even at 30 degrees, the important thing is to keep the soil moist  . On the other hand, the plant does not tolerate the cold so it is good not to let the temperature drop below 15 degrees in the room in which it is kept. In the summer months it requires abundant watering because the compost must be moist, but protected from water stagnation, which is fatal. In winter, however, it is enough to hydrate the plant by wetting the substrate or leaves.

How to keep the plant moist and what fertilizer to use to obtain formidable results making the plant eternal

To keep it moist, it is advisable to place pebbles or clay balls  between the vase and the saucer. But that’s not all, because the Peace Lily needs to be fertilized at least a couple of times a month. It is recommended to do it with a mixture of potassium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus and molybdenum. The mixture in question can be purchased ready-to-use in nurseries or in stores that sell plants, or it can be prepared directly at home with ingredients that we all have.

Gather a little soil,  the peel of the potatoes that  is first dried and then crushed in the blender, stir everything well to mix carefully and then pour it over the soil or use it to wet its leaves. In particular, potato peel is used because it contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus which are good for this plant and any other.

The solution is miraculous because it nourishes the plants deeply, making them live for years. It is recommended to water the soil once every 15 days,  then twice a month.