Put a plastic bag on the broom, like all housewives do: it’s a real vacuum cleaner

To sweep in the best way, you don’t need a vacuum cleaner, just a broom and a plastic bag. That is how.

Having a clean floor is always difficult, especially if there are small children in the house. Dust, hair, dog or cat hair accumulates on the floor and sweeping it every day and in the wrong world is really annoying and time-consuming. That’s why there is a method that will help you sweep faster, a homemade trick.

Housework is done every day and there is always some trick that helps you put in less effort. From natural and DIY products to additional items. In any case, we always try to alleviate the tedious cleaning, both to remove dust and to sweep and mop the floors.

Broom and plastic bag: the trick that changes your cleaning

Very often, the broom does not sweep well and causes hair and dirt to stick to the bristles. But just grab a plastic bag and it will never happen again. All you have to do is put the broom in there and start sweeping.


What you will notice is that this way the pet hair and hair will stick to the broom but will not get into the bristles, so you will not have to remove the dirt with your hands. The material with which the plastic bags are made helps to adhere hair and fur, which will then be enough to collect with a shovel and throw it away.

How to always have clean floors

Cleaning the floors is not always easy to remove dust and hair is always on the floor but you have to choose the right broom and in addition to using a bag as we suggested above you can also continue using traditional brooms. The choice, however, is not accidental. In fact, there are different types of brooms, with soft bristles or hard bristles.

Typically, the bristle broom will remove coarser dirt from the floor, but will not remove dust completely   . And it is especially brooms with soft bristles that tend to raise dust that then ends up on the furniture. Therefore, after picking up the package, it is always better to vacuum.


The vacuum cleaner has the ability to collect even the smallest grains of dust   , with this device you will have no problem lifting the dust and the floor will be clean. But there are also flaws here, the vacuum cleaner is heavy, noisy and the cable does not always reach everywhere, although lately there are more and more cordless ones.

However, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can consider using an electrostatic duster after removing most of the dirt with a regular broom. These cloths essentially do the same thing by capturing any dust that sticks to them. In addition, when placed on a flat, bristle-free broom, they can reach anywhere, even under the bed or sofa.

In general, using all three methods will allow you to have clean floors everywhere, even in the most hidden areas. It is also important to proceed room by room then close the doors to prevent dust from flying into the house and to clean the floors every day, especially the rooms where we eat and food residue can fall on soil.