Put the apples in a pan full of oil: once you’ve done it, you won’t be able to do without it

Apples in a pan of oil? An excellent idea because after that no one will be able to do without it: try it immediately.

Does an apple a day   keep the doctor away? So says the proverb and it is also true, it is indeed a fruit with a thousand properties recognized since Antiquity. Apple comes in different varieties and is an excellent appetite suppressant, especially for people who want to maintain their figure and lose weight. There is a method that few people know and that consists of putting the apple   in boiling oil   : for what purpose? Let’s find out together now.

Apple, what are its uses in the kitchen?

There are so many uses in the kitchen that relate to apples and this is the fruit that everyone should keep in mind. As expected, it makes a great     mid-morning or afternoon snack , thanks to its limited calorie and fat content.

Furthermore, it comes in   different types   and that is what makes it one of a kind. The rind changes color and its pulp has a different flavor that goes from sour to sweet. In short, a true ally to use every day in salads, from fruit salads to   desserts that delight the palate.

Red Apple

Speaking of delicacies, there is a method to   prepare apples   that very few know and that consists of throwing them in boiling oil.

Apple in boiling oil: a delicious recipe

You should always keep an   apple   inside the fruit bowl, because you can make all kinds of preparations with it. For this recipe you need to prepare:

  • 1 egg
  • half a glass of flour
  • 1 red apple
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Olive oil

Once  all the ingredients are prepared, proceed as follows:

  • In a deep plate, beat the egg and add the flour, stirring vigorously until you obtain a semi-creamy substance.
  • Add a little oil and continue mixing until all ingredients are completely mixed.

At this point,   take the apple   and, after washing it well, peel it. Immediately after, it should be cut into slices and then into pieces. We proceed by taking a large non-stick pot where   we will add oil to heat   .

Meanwhile, the apple pieces should be dipped first in the homogeneous substance and immediately afterwards in the breadcrumbs. Once all the   apple pieces   are rich in batter and breadcrumbs, you can dip them in hot oil until they are cooked and the surface is golden brown.

breaded apple

Once fried   ,   they should be placed on a tray lined with paper towels and served while still hot. This is a great recipe to make when you want to impress your guests or   like something different   for dessert after a meal. An advice? Serve the breaded apple pieces with ice cream to create a special and interesting contrast.