Put the chopped onion on the window! The annoying problem will disappear.

Everyone has heard about the unique healing properties of onions. It is an exceptionally healthy vegetable. It helps fight acne, protects against cancer, strengthens the body, these are just some of the long list of beneficial properties.

Photo What happens when you apply this onion trick? #1

However, onions not only help in the fight for health, did you know these tricks with slices and displayed on the window?

But why?

For the mosquitoes! Onions are extremely fragrant, which these insects don’t like.

This is the old and proven method of our grandmothers, especially useful at this time of year.

How to do?

All you have to do is cut the onion into small slices and put it on a plate outside the window. Mosquitoes will avoid your apartment.

If you don’t mind the smell of onion, you can use this trick at home. Place the plate near the open window or near the bed.

Not only will the onion scare away mosquitoes   , but other insects won’t like it either. When you go on a picnic or to the beach, take a cut onion with you and place it on a blanket.

A diet rich in garlic and onion will also reassure you against mosquitoes, although unfortunately people can also be scared away by the smell.

Equally good vinegar

If you don’t have onions at home, vinegar can also be used as a mosquito remedy; it has an equally strong smell that insects don’t like. Pour vinegar into a container or soak a sponge in it and   place it on the windowsill.

onion to chop

Another trick of onion is that it can soothe mosquito bites. The sulfur compounds and essential oils contained in onions will reduce the sensation of itching and blisters after the bite. Apply a slice of vegetable compress to the bite, keep it there for 15 minutes.  You can repeat this activity as needed.