Homemade fruit fly trap! 2 homemade ingredients

Along the path of the verano, our houses and gardens have small, heavy moss. The number of moscas increases every hour and eventually it becomes very difficult to remove them. Without embargo, please contact us immediately to purchase a chemical representative. The ingredients in the case are sufficient to create a layer for simple fruit moscas that is effective.

Photo Homemade fruit fly trap! 2 homemade ingredients #1

Homemade fruit fly methods work  best in the kitchen,  because that’s where most of them are found most often. These little flying worms appear out of nowhere and immediately sit down for anything good – fruits, vegetables, juices and drinks.

How to trap them?

The simplest and most effective way to get rid of these unwanted little guests is a mixture that   contains  only two ingredients:

  • Dishwasher soap
  • Apple vinegar

All you need to do is mix the  two ingredients in a 1:1 ratio and pour them into a jar.  Leave the jar open where it can be easily accessed. Best for all night long. The next morning you will find a mass of melting flies there.

Photo Homemade fruit fly trap! 2 homemade ingredients #2

What if not everyone had fallen into the trap?

If few bow ties are still flying around the kitchen, you can run a vacuum  and simply vacuum them up  . Remember to throw the vacuum cleaner bag out of the house immediately.

If you want to use a less humane, but still effective and homemade method,  choose a hair dryer.  Direct a stream of warm air at the midges. Insects die quickly when exposed to heat.

If you do not bother the   oil with menthol   , you can prophylactically light a candle scented with this scent. The bowties do not tolerate this color. This way they will stay away from you.